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  1. Re: “one announcement we're privy to that will rock the industry”

    If it's an active internal preamp (and the earlier Zeta mandolins had that, I think?), then it means a removable battery to power it. That's easy for an acoustic guitar, because you can replace the...
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    Re: 2020 NAMM Show Report

    My fiddler S.O. bought one of the original Zeta solidbody violins secondhand from a friend around 10 years ago, just to fool around on. It's an amazing instrument for what it's intended for -- Jazz,...
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    Re: Position playing or shifting?

    Much of this depends on the style you're playing. If I was a Jazz, Bluegrass, or Classical player, I'd be using my 4th finger in every position from first (open) to every position climbing up the...
  4. Re: Here's why you are an amazing mandolin picker but still dumb

    I have met way too many IQ-challenged people who were amazing musicians, to ever think there was ever a correlation there. It ain't the same part of the brain that gets exercised.

    I'm not even...
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    Re: Accompanying a guitarists who tunes down

    Well, you've discovered one good strategy already, which is don't look at a guitar player's fretboard as a clue. ;)

    Speaking from the other side of the fence here as a guitar player, I used to...
  6. Re: Help with time signature: Lankum - Old man from over the sea

    I hear it as 6/8 for the most part, with the lead singer sometimes cutting the beat short for the next verse, which gives it that crooked feel.
  7. Re: string gauges for 23" scale electric OM?

    I don't play an electric OM, but I think the gauges wouldn't be too dissimilar, unless you're going light gauge for vibrato and bending. My OM is 22" scale, and I use the D'Addario EJ80 set -- .046...
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    Re: Again with the picks

    Well, sometimes and for some people, the One Pick to Rule Them All does actually work. :)

    I use the same Blue Chip TAD40-1R for my mandolin, my octave mandolin, and my steel string acoustic guitar...
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    Re: ToneGuard Question

    Gee, I just put a set of $7.00 strings on my $4,500 mandolin. Maybe I should be looking for more expensive strings?

    When something works for 'ya, it just works. I'll gladly pay for high-end...
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    Re: sad news, Arty McGlynn passed today...

    A sad loss to guitar interpretation of Irish trad, but he had a long life, which is all any of us can ask for.
  11. Re: A tuner shootout: TC Electronic Unitune vs. Peterson StroboCl

    As I understand it, it's because brushing the string with the side or tip of a finger or thumb produces fewer high frequency harmonics. The display shows both the fundamental and first harmonic (the...
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    Re: Picked up a fiddle recently..

    I'd recommend finding a teacher instead of online info. There is a ton of useful info on violin/fiddle technique online, some of it aimed at absolute beginners. But when getting started, you really...
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    Re: If your gonna speed neck it....

    When I stripped the neck of my Lebeda I would have preferred more of a feathered transition. But with the nail-hard lacquer finish on this instrument, it just wasn't in the cards. Some finishes are...
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    Re: To A Higher Standard

    Well, "if the beat is good" is the whole point with a dance band. Or any music intended for dancing. A 6% fail in the melody notes might be tolerable, but if the band is nailing that last 6% in the...
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    Re: Opinion on nickel vs. gold aesthetics

    I've had fretted instruments with both hardware finishes, but the current three I play the most -- mandolin, octave mandolin, acoustic guitar -- all have gold hardware with black ebony tuner buttons....
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    Re: Hector the Hero

    The tune database at has several settings in D; you'll have to sort through and find the one you like:

    P.S. it's under the "waltz" category...
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    Re: The trouble with trebles (triplets)

    I use a slightly angled pick like Jill above. I don't change the angle just for trebles, I play all the notes with a slight angle (thumb down) to get a little more meat out of the tone with a...
  18. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    I had 6 years of piano lessons as a kid, then played drums in garage Rock bands as a teenager. Then 30-odd years of acoustic and electric guitar. I discovered the mandolin around 11 years ago, and a...
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    Re: First few bars at slower tempo?

    Right, and I'll add that if you're going to do a slow-gear start as an intentional effect, you need to be absolutely sure you can nail that final tempo without overshooting or undershooting. I'd...
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    Re: First few bars at slower tempo?

    I've heard some artists do this. mainly on solo recordings. The first few notes or the first bar starting a bit slower than the final tempo, and then ramping up by the second bar.

    Matt Molloy...
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    Re: Who has thin bluechips?

    I've used a TAD40-1R for several years now on mandolin, octave mandolin, and steel string acoustic guitar. No flex at all. I play Scottish, Irish, and related traditional music, and anything thicker...
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    Re: Brid Harper Jig Fingering

    The usual convention is to use the word "treble" to distinguish it as an ornament that's independent of the tune tempo, and not a "triplet" which would be written as part of the tune and played at...
  23. Re: Can Anyone Shed Light on this Fiddle Embellishment?

    I agree it sounds more like Scottish/Cape Breton articulation than Irish. I don't hear any rolls or crans. What I hear are fingered cuts and what my fiddler S.O. would call a bowed "scratch triplet"...
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    Re: "Dark" Fiddle Tunes?

    Irish Traditional music is full of tunes that have a dark edge, and it can be enhanced by slowing the tune down and playing with feeling. Like the following two examples.

    Here's Martin Hayes...
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    Re: "Powerful/Loud!"

    Unless it's a resonator type, a mandolin is usually the most volume-challenged instrument in the Irish and Scottish sessions I play in. So naturally I'm interested in volume. But I'm equally...
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