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  1. Re: Need advice on how to set up for looping

    True! Especially in live performance. You need a very steady tempo in your playing, and you have to nail the foot press right on time, or disaster ensues.

    I fooled around with loopers years ago;...
  2. Re: New to playing Celtic music but I see its big locally

    Ditto what Whistler said above. Don't listen to just mandolin or tenor banjo players. You can pick up some ideas about technique that way, but there is really no established technique for playing...
  3. Re: “one announcement we're privy to that will rock the industry”

    If it's an active internal preamp (and the earlier Zeta mandolins had that, I think?), then it means a removable battery to power it. That's easy for an acoustic guitar, because you can replace the...
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    Re: 2020 NAMM Show Report

    My fiddler S.O. bought one of the original Zeta solidbody violins secondhand from a friend around 10 years ago, just to fool around on. It's an amazing instrument for what it's intended for -- Jazz,...
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    Re: Position playing or shifting?

    Much of this depends on the style you're playing. If I was a Jazz, Bluegrass, or Classical player, I'd be using my 4th finger in every position from first (open) to every position climbing up the...
  6. Re: Here's why you are an amazing mandolin picker but still dumb

    I have met way too many IQ-challenged people who were amazing musicians, to ever think there was ever a correlation there. It ain't the same part of the brain that gets exercised.

    I'm not even...
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    Re: Accompanying a guitarists who tunes down

    Well, you've discovered one good strategy already, which is don't look at a guitar player's fretboard as a clue. ;)

    Speaking from the other side of the fence here as a guitar player, I used to...
  8. Re: Help with time signature: Lankum - Old man from over the sea

    I hear it as 6/8 for the most part, with the lead singer sometimes cutting the beat short for the next verse, which gives it that crooked feel.
  9. Re: string gauges for 23" scale electric OM?

    I don't play an electric OM, but I think the gauges wouldn't be too dissimilar, unless you're going light gauge for vibrato and bending. My OM is 22" scale, and I use the D'Addario EJ80 set -- .046...
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    Re: Again with the picks

    Well, sometimes and for some people, the One Pick to Rule Them All does actually work. :)

    I use the same Blue Chip TAD40-1R for my mandolin, my octave mandolin, and my steel string acoustic guitar...
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    Re: ToneGuard Question

    Gee, I just put a set of $7.00 strings on my $4,500 mandolin. Maybe I should be looking for more expensive strings?

    When something works for 'ya, it just works. I'll gladly pay for high-end...
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    Re: sad news, Arty McGlynn passed today...

    A sad loss to guitar interpretation of Irish trad, but he had a long life, which is all any of us can ask for.
  13. Re: A tuner shootout: TC Electronic Unitune vs. Peterson StroboCl

    As I understand it, it's because brushing the string with the side or tip of a finger or thumb produces fewer high frequency harmonics. The display shows both the fundamental and first harmonic (the...
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    Re: Picked up a fiddle recently..

    I'd recommend finding a teacher instead of online info. There is a ton of useful info on violin/fiddle technique online, some of it aimed at absolute beginners. But when getting started, you really...
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    Re: If your gonna speed neck it....

    When I stripped the neck of my Lebeda I would have preferred more of a feathered transition. But with the nail-hard lacquer finish on this instrument, it just wasn't in the cards. Some finishes are...
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    Re: To A Higher Standard

    Well, "if the beat is good" is the whole point with a dance band. Or any music intended for dancing. A 6% fail in the melody notes might be tolerable, but if the band is nailing that last 6% in the...
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    Re: Opinion on nickel vs. gold aesthetics

    I've had fretted instruments with both hardware finishes, but the current three I play the most -- mandolin, octave mandolin, acoustic guitar -- all have gold hardware with black ebony tuner buttons....
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    Re: Hector the Hero

    The tune database at has several settings in D; you'll have to sort through and find the one you like:

    P.S. it's under the "waltz" category...
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    Re: The trouble with trebles (triplets)

    I use a slightly angled pick like Jill above. I don't change the angle just for trebles, I play all the notes with a slight angle (thumb down) to get a little more meat out of the tone with a...
  20. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    I had 6 years of piano lessons as a kid, then played drums in garage Rock bands as a teenager. Then 30-odd years of acoustic and electric guitar. I discovered the mandolin around 11 years ago, and a...
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    Re: First few bars at slower tempo?

    Right, and I'll add that if you're going to do a slow-gear start as an intentional effect, you need to be absolutely sure you can nail that final tempo without overshooting or undershooting. I'd...
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    Re: First few bars at slower tempo?

    I've heard some artists do this. mainly on solo recordings. The first few notes or the first bar starting a bit slower than the final tempo, and then ramping up by the second bar.

    Matt Molloy...
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    Re: Who has thin bluechips?

    I've used a TAD40-1R for several years now on mandolin, octave mandolin, and steel string acoustic guitar. No flex at all. I play Scottish, Irish, and related traditional music, and anything thicker...
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    Re: Brid Harper Jig Fingering

    The usual convention is to use the word "treble" to distinguish it as an ornament that's independent of the tune tempo, and not a "triplet" which would be written as part of the tune and played at...
  25. Re: Can Anyone Shed Light on this Fiddle Embellishment?

    I agree it sounds more like Scottish/Cape Breton articulation than Irish. I don't hear any rolls or crans. What I hear are fingered cuts and what my fiddler S.O. would call a bowed "scratch triplet"...
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