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    Re: What Do You Use for Editing Standard Notation

    I also use musescore.
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    Re: Can you teach musicality?

    Yes you can teach musicality. The people we think of as having it naturally still learned it from their environment. Something as simple as staying on the beat is part of musicality. If you get a...
  3. Re: Seeking vintage tenor guitar neck for a project

    How likely are you to get a neck that fits the existing neck pocket? It may be easier just to make one.
  4. Re: STOLEN!! Martin HD28 mint condition and Gibson F5 L mandolin

    That truly sucks. Check Ebay, the police call it America's Fence.
  5. Re: why are some chords for guitar not listed in chord books for

    I made up a quick music theory primer for a song writing group I belong to. If you PM me your email, I will send you a copy. This is an open to anybody on Mandolin Cafe. Be aware it is very basic.
  6. Re: Meet Marc Orleans - Brooklyn based busking mandolin player

    Sorry to hear about this. I am living in Brooklyn now, though currently in Vermont. I am pretty sure the dinning scene in NYC will come back. It will be different but it will come back
  7. Re: Mandolin batch in the latest Skinner auction, incl. THREE Shu

    When you finish checking them out you have an open and Schutt case.
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    Re: Help with Martin Style 20 at GC Brooklyn

    Let me know how it goes. I will be back in Brooklyn next week and could check it out.
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    Re: A little late but here is my NMD post

    Very nice. Enjoy.
  10. Re: Talk me out of replacing an ABS nut with a bone nut

    I agree that a properly cut nut is more impartant than the material. Also the nut will only impac the sound of open strings, not that open string sound isn't important.
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    Re: Electric Mandolin Build Help?

    I never thought of the double strings increasing sustain, and don't see how they would. They do increase volume.
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    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    Found a mandolin in a junk shop. They thought it was broken because the bridge wasn't on it. The bridge was in the case. Bought it for $30. A luthier friend helped me fit the bridge. That was...
  13. Re: why are some chords for guitar not listed in chord books for

    To keep it simple, guitars have six notes available; mandolins four. So anything more complicated than a chord 7th (and with some 7th chords) requires you to leave out at least one note. The order...
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    Re: Pickguard Reset on Weymann Bowlback

    I would not use direct heat. If this is a celluloid pickguard, they are very flammable. Steam may work
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    Re: Louis Patennotte 12 string mandolin?

    Interesting origin. If I recall correctly, the Voges are a mountain range in eastern France partially in Alsace and partially in Lorraine. It is not where I would expect to find a Spanish...
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    Re: Electric Mandolin Build Help?

    I am a bit of a contrarian here. I think part of the sound of a mandolin is the double strings. I do like the idea of an octave simply because they aren't as common. It wouldn't be something you...
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    Re: Are there any good vintage noname mandolins ?

    There are definitely good no-name mandolins out there. The problem is since they are less well known names or unlabeled, it is difficult to recommend specific ones to you. Take some time to learn...
  18. Re: 1957 Fender Mandocaster Fingerboard Cleanup?

    I always go with the most gentle first. So try a slightly damp rag. If that doesn't cut it, a rage slightly dampened with Naptha. For tough spots use a toothbrush to scrub. For built up crud,use...
  19. Re: French Polish on Pre War Era 6 string Greek Bouzouki

    There are four hundred year old violins that were French polished and still look pretty good. It isn't a heavy finish, which is good for sound. it is fairly easy to repair if it gets worn. It is...
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    Re: Different Kinds of Wood

    As mentioned above plenty of people have experimented with different woods. There is a lot of interest in different fretboard woods as good quality ebony is becoming scarce and many rosewood species...
  21. Re: Top Crack Weymann Keystone Bowlback, How to draw together

    You can use magnets to hold the caul in place. Glue a couple of magnets to the underside of the caul. Put it in place and hold it in place with two more magnets. The neo magnets can be pretty strong
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    Re: Humidifier for Mandolin/Case

    There are lots of variations on J Mangio's suggestion (different containers) but it is a time proven idea. Enjoy your mandolin. If it doesn't come with a good set up, check out Rob Mendum's (SP?)...
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    Re: Do I need a brace under the bridge?

    If you are approaching this like a semi-hollow bodied guitar, on them the center block runs from the back to the top and no bracing is needed. Here, some kind of bracing looks like a good idea.
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    Re: Strings Catching on Higher Fret

    How is the intonation? Its possible the bridge moved.
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    Re: Major chord arpeggios

    In addition to all the good tips given so far on using arpeggios, the OP asked about practicing them when they were already part of the scale. I find value in having them under my fingers without...
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