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    The Old Rugged Cross

    I hope everyone is having a great Easter. The link to my new vid is below.
  2. Re: Sound: opinions sought on technique vs instrument, i.e. anti-

    No-one goes to a show to hear an instrument, they go to hear the player.

    Well, except for people from Mandolin Cafe - we would literally go to a show just to hear a particular instrument no...
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    Nine Pound Hammer

    Love this song, the first solo is from banjo Ben Clark's build a break lesson, and the other two I made up (I did use some licks from banjo Ben's bag of licks lesson)...
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    Re: Back to f-holes?

    Nah, just honored to have contributed a useful (IMHO, anyway) phrase and concept to our ongoing discussions of "what mandolin should I buy?"

    For those unfamiliar, I was reacting to the threads...
  5. Re: How much does a Northfield actually cost to make?

    From an economic point of view pricing is set by marketing. Cost only comes into consideration if the price you can sell an item for is too close to or less than actual cost. Based on quality and...
  6. Re: How much does a Northfield actually cost to make?

    Their latest model is now starting at $7500. Wow. Something I've learned, and it's proven to me year after year, it's not the mando, it's the player. We have a festival in Washington State every May...
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    Re: If you only knew it back then...

    Most important bit of musical knowledge to me: the rests in music are as important as the notes you play. The corollary to that is phrasing and dynamics are more important than playing lots of notes...
  8. Thread: MAS Therapy

    by DataNick

    Re: MAS Therapy


    5 months into my journey as a mando player (and being ignorant) I purchased a used 1958 Gibson A model, thinking that if it's Gibson it's gotta be great, and I wanted a more expensive...
  9. Re: New Post flood Gibson Fern versus Gibson 98 F5L Derrington Fe

    Can we just start referring to Gibsons as "antediluvian" and "postdiluvian?"

    They're two great words that don't get used nearly enough.
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