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    Re: Monroe Style Mandolin Question

    Thanks for the reply. I guess I knew that the actual angle at which you hold the mandolin wouldn't make you sound like Monroe, I was thinking more along the lines of the angle that you hold the...
  2. Re: Do I need a repair person who specializes in mandolins?

    Well, I picked it up from the shop last night, and it turned out great. Thanks for all of the advice guys.
  3. Looking for a mandolin teacher in Harford County MD.

    Hey guys, just hoping to find a mandolin teacher in Harford County, Maryland. I just move up here last year, I'm in Forest Hill. If anyone is giving lessons up this way, or knows of anyone that is,...
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    Re: Working on Chords/Rhythm Playing

    I'll be following this thread closely. I've been looking for the same thing. As much as I love a good mandolin solo, what drew mw to the instrument is the precussive rhythm playing demonstrated in...
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    Must own mandolin CDs

    So, I haven't bought any music in a long time, mainly because I've been using Pandora radio and things like that. I kinda have the itch to buy a few new CDs, and am looking for some suggestions on...
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