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    Re: Does Praying Help Find Your Blue Chip?

    Little known fact...the original last lines to It's a Wonderful Life went like this:

    Zuzu: "Daddy, teacher says that every time a banjo is set on fire a mandolin player finds his lost Blue Chip...
  2. Re: Lengthy article on bluegrass in the Guardian (UK)

    Maybe the promoter? :grin:

    So long as they provide free beer and every guy in the band can make a $100, I'll play your riot! Hell, if you have free beer, you're providing the PA, and you have a...
  3. Re: Lengthy article on bluegrass in the Guardian (UK)

    To some degree, I think that's just the angle the author took (a good article usually starts with a good "hook"), and to be fair, on the surface it's not a bad angle from which to explore a music...
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    Re: Volume boost pedal question

    I've read a ton of old threads on this topic and was just waiting for Br1ck to chime in and suggest a SunnAudio ;)

    FWIW, I looked at their website and decided I'd go with the thing that seems to...
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    Re: Volume boost pedal question

    Again, thanks for the responses. I think I'll give the Fire Eye Red-Eye a try. I've spent a solid hour reading the archives and it seems to get universal priase around here both for its sound and...
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    Re: Storage: Case vs Hanging on the Wall

    Hung on a wall (guitars on stands). My basement is a dedicated music space and we have no children and only a cat for a pet. If we have a party, all instruments go in cases to avoid kids and...
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    Re: Volume boost pedal question

    Thanks for the responses! So, the problem I have with setting everything flat (by which I'm assuming you mean "put all the sliders in the middle") is that adding much of anything to the low end...
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    Volume boost pedal question

    Just wondering how folks who successfully use a DI and a boost have gone about doing it. Right now I'm using a BOSS EQ and a Para DI. The Para is my pre-amp and the BOSS EQ is functioning as a...
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    Re: New player and I need lesions suggestions.

    I'llalso recommend Peghead Nation. I've been working my way through Sharon Gilchrist's intermediate course and she's a great teacher. I'm probably a bit more advanced as a player than would be...
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    Re: Was Bill Monroe The First?

    Inasmuch as Bill was THE first bluegrass mandolin player, then...yeah...he was also the first bluegrass mandolin player to play with a Loar-era F5.
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    Re: Would it be a dumb move?

    I've never heard an MK that sounded good, and don't get me started on the tacky inlay. Keep the 505. Without hearing either of the instruments I can tell you your mandolin sounds waaaay better than...
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    Re: Kentucky mandolin price ???

    This should be it's own thread. For gigs at bars and breweries around the DC area, you're looking at $200-$300 and free beer being what we usually expect to be offered. Factor in tips and a...
  13. Re: Would you install a pickup on your expensive ($3k+) mando?

    I had my set-up guy install a K&K Twin in my Brentrup F5 last summer. One of the best gear decisions I ever made. I hated being forced into standing nearly stock still in front of a single mic...
  14. Re: Guitar Question: Starting to Play Fingerstyle?

    I learned to play fingerstyle via the Berle and Galbo book. I think it does a great job of slowly acclimating the student into having the alternating thumb become unconscious, as well as introducing...
  15. ISO Advice on Dialing In My Sound On a Para D.I.

    I've been meaning to do this for about a year but finally set up the band's PA in my basement and really want to master my Para DI over the next week before playing a number of shows in Sept. and...
  16. Re: Help me choose a F-style mandolin in the $2500 - $3500 Range

    If I was in your shoes I'd buy a used Northfield. I've played a couple of them and was blown away by how good they were, and not just for the price. Maybe I just heard two realy good ones, but so...
  17. Re: So I tried to improvise for the first time, live in a jam ses

    So, for all the "learn the melody" folks.... I'm not disagreeing with you about the importance of learning how to play melodies, but...

    You're in a jam, the guy next to you calls a tune you've...
  18. I've really meant to post more in that group. ...

    I've really meant to post more in that group. Two things I love about it. First, if I ever need ideas for how to tackle a tune, I can be assured that there is at least 2-3 videos of people playing...
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    Re: Essential Mandolin Techniques.

    I'm not so sure I'd day it's fast alternating picking...I is...but it's also it's own thing entirely.

    I'm not sure I understand the issue with the double strings. Do you mean double...
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    Re: Your first mandolin method book?

    The Greg Horne books, volume 1 and 2. I still think both are excellent intros to the instrument.
  21. Re: Beginner mandolin purchase. Eastman or the Loar??

    Eastman. I've never played a The Loar that I thought sounded very good.
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    Re: Essential Mandolin Techniques.

    To get back to the OP's original question...

    Tremolo. If you're serious about playing mandolin, start practicing tremolo on day one. It's a simple idea, but executing it on the fly in a song...
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    Re: what are the regular folks playing.

    I do not have deep pockets, so I spent YEARS saving up. I currently play a Brentrup. Rich people don't always play expensive instruments and many times folks who do have expensive instruments...
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    Re: Stiver stories

    Not an owner, but I played one at a gig last summer. The guy whose house we were playing out was having a large party and we were the musical entertainment. He'd recently gotten into mandolin and...
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    Re: Why keys of B and B flat?

    Simple answer...because it's often up to the vocalist to choose the key that best suits their voice. Tottle likely put those in there to get you familiar with those keys because they do frequently...
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