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    Re: 18 wheels and a dozen roses

    Well …. the scale to start with would be the pentatonic of the key she is singing in. Then move on to the pentatonic relative to the chord she is playing. Start by learning the melody in the correct...
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    Re: I need some serious help...

    Well …. I can't say about Five Pounds of Possum as I don't know that song . The others on your list are indeed all in 4/4 time and the chop on the chuck as Big Sky Girl points out will work on all of...
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    Re: Storage: Case vs Hanging on the Wall

    I leave my fiddle mandolin combination case open on my music room work bench. No kids at home in decades and the cat stays off my bench. Hanging an instrument on a wall has never appealed to me. Heat...
  4. Re: Third string out of tune below the fifth fret

    Hmmmm … is the nut slot a hair high or the saddle a hair uneven, humped? I have read on a mandolin that can cause intonation issues. Otherwise … I am watching this to learn. Luck R/
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    Re: I need some serious help...

    OK …. these are three standards …. The mandolin plays … chops … on the back beat. This is Grass mandolin 101. If you figure a song is in 4/4 time you will be strumming a down stroke across all...
  6. Re: How did you feel about your new build Mando?

    I am more than satisfied with my one and only custom build. It has it all, the wood , fit and finish, set up with a clarity, volume and depth of tone that is all I could ask for. R/
  7. Re: My new Price mandolin/Violin Combo case

    How much does it weigh?
  8. Re: Bruno and Sons bowl back restringing question

    A 009 -.032 or a .010 - .034 would be recommended. Start with the lighter gauge. And see if you like the tone. Compare the old string thickness to the new set and see what it has been played with. R/
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    Re: Soft Picks ?

    I bought some Dawg picks several years ago and found them too soft for my liking. My recommendation is that you sign up for a visit from the "pick sampler" and try out that collection for "softies"....
  10. Re: For Family. For Country. For Freedom.

    4,414 U.S. soldiers died that day , more disappeared in the the current and were recorded as M.I.A. ... never found. Still more died of their wounds at a a later date. The pain and sorrow of those...
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    Re: Mandolin Stand Recommendations

    Ingles makes a great stand. I keep one at the house. For out and about I have a Cooper stand. They fold up and pack well. R/
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    Re: You did WHAT to your BC?

    You are in good company, if memory serves, both Les Paul and Eddie Vedder glue / ed a bit of sand paper to their picks. R/
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    Re: Ellis A5?

    Yeah ….. once you get to the top 10% of any category..... sports cars or high fashion you choice is indicative of your personal taste. I am lucky to live within driving distance of Carter's Vintage...
  14. Re: -If you could have any mandolin in the world….

    Well … back in the last century , which feels like another lifetime to me now. I had occasion to be in Nashville. I visited Gruhn's guitar shop which was a small hole in the wall store downtown in...
  15. Re: New Apitius Club Jazz Mandolin acquisition…

    Lovely instrument Mr. A. Two thumbs up. Keep up the most excellent work. Simply gorgeous. R/
  16. Re: Best Place to Sell aside From Classifieds

    Well .... selling to any store is going to net a lower figure in your pocket. But then I expect you know that. Check out the Reverb site. R/
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    Re: Peghead Nation Instructors

    Joe K. has some very interesting tunes in his group of lessons. Ms G. I have had workshops and lessons with and she taught me a bundle. You can't lose with either teacher. R/
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    Re: Lateral Upgrade?

    Well …. Kentucky mandolins are generally better built and have better tone than a The Loar instrument. IMO …. Eastman and Kentucky mandolins have a decided difference in tone. The Eastman sounding...
  19. Re: Externally vs Internally mounted Piezo?

    The only, IMO, reason not to mount a pickup on a mandolin inside the instrument is if it is collectible. An interior mount is out of the way of playing and storing your instrument. A jack at the end...
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    Re: practice advice: speed vs repetoire

    Speed is a process just like anything else. Learn songs and tunes using good technique. Play with relaxed hands with your fingers near the strings. When you know a song or tune so well you no longer...
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    Re: Man I need a good tuner...

    Yeah …. tuners. What works for you, your music and your budget is what's best. Keep an extra battery in your case and play on. I fiddle so even when the tuner says I'm good I play the fifths in pairs...
  22. Re: Slight frustration when changing mandolin strings

    Good light, hemostats or a pair of needle nose pliers or a leatherman, a capo and a good level work station with either a shooters rest or a like luthiers tool to hold your mandolin. I also remove...
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    Re: Why no narrow nut options?

    Play some Gibson A5L mandolins. Preferably from the Carlson period. I have a 90' with a very playable neck. R/
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    Re: electric mandolin strings?

    Check out Just strings . They sell single acoustic guitar ball end strings in several metals. You can build / assemble your own set. Keep in mind there is a shipping fee so a larger total order...
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    Re: Stepping up from the £1K bracket

    Look at pre 1990 Flatiron instruments . Both the flatties and the arch tops are excellent. R/
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