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    Leather Britches - Mandolin

    Here's me on mandolin doing Leather Britches. I just posted a video on here yesterday, so I hope this isn't too much too often. Let me know if I'm breaking decorum. Also, should I just make one...
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    Re: Jenny Lind Polka

    Thank you all for the kind comments :)
    Bill, it is a Haynes mandolin, built by Jerry Haynes of Harlan, Ky. Number 37, I believe built in 2011. Not sure about the wood in it.
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    Jenny Lind Polka

    The Jenny Lind Polka, by me. Upon reflection, it's probably a little quick, maybe a little fast to dance to, but I hope you enjoy it, off-the-cuff as it is. I'm trying to learn some more fiddle...
  4. Re: Helpful hints for melodic freedom noodling?

    I think that all great improvisational artists know music theory well, whether they are aware of that or not, it just depends on varying factors like method of learning, natural talent/ease of...
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    My Version of the East Tennessee Rag

    Hullo all.
    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I thought I would share a recently recorded track from a new CD of mine that should be finished early this spring.
    This is the East...
  6. Re: Something I just noticed on studying the freboard.

    Willie, that could possibly be the best, concisest, and most truthful statement that i have heard about playing "by ear." Playing by ear is often glorified, belittled, and misunderstood. Its just a...
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