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  1. Re: Help identifying the Gibson Mando in this YouTube performance

    And, note Irving's unashamed use of a capo.
  2. Re: Dumb and petty complaint (Doyle Lawson F-5 content)

    If you play an S8, will your green Seagull turn a deeper blue?

    I could not foresee this thing happening to you...
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    Re: Amanda Lynn

    Well, guitar guru and Nashville dealer George Gruhn named his daughter Amanda Lynn (thread on the subject).

    Could she now be a relational counselor in Sydney, Australia? Or mere coincidence of...
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    Re: Chinese made mandolins (Northfield?)

    Many of us grew up (well, got older, anyway) in an era when "Made in Japan" meant cheap, disposable low-end stuff. I think that perspective shifted significantly when solid, affordable, competitive...
  5. Re: Michael P Smith, songwriter of "This Old Mandolin", has passe

    A GoFundMe page was set up to help with his medical expenses; like many a folk/acoustic musician, he was a bit short in the health insurance department.

    Also, let us remember one of his last...
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    Re: Gibson Mandolin Style A4

    Yeah, I once bought a lobster roll at a McDonald's near Plymouth MA; unimpressive.

    I do concur that a call to Music Emporium, or another regional dealer that routinely handles quality used/vintage...
  7. Re: Mysterious Alabama Octave Mandolin (No Lable)

    Perhaps made in the same factory as Kentucky mandolins, Blue Ridge guitars, Galveston resonator guitars, and a slew of other Asian instruments with American names...?
  8. Re: Mysterious Alabama Octave Mandolin (No Lable)

    I thought Gold Tone instruments were made in Korea, but the company states "The majority of instruments produced by Gold Tone are manufactured in a Korean owned-and-managed factory in China that...
  9. Re: Mysterious Alabama Octave Mandolin (No Lable)

    Here's an Alabama mandola with similar triangular soundhole, a design also found on some older Gold Tone large mandos . As Jim mentions, listings for Alabama instruments are generally from Canadian...
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    Re: Gibson Mandolin Style A4

    The inlaid Handel tuners suggest pre-1918, and the lack of a fingerboard extension pre-1912. The serial number and factory order number will give a more exact date.
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    Re: What are your go-to crowd pleasers?

    James, did you know that Jay Ungar wrote a second verse:

    The Indian corn put the red dress on,
    Chinese cabbage tried to kick the gong;
    You shoulda seen the French green bean,
    When the...
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    Re: Double Standard

    Nah, not yet. It's been a fun ride: thread drift (Were we talking about amplification? And if so, why?), smart-alec comments, helpful information, not-so-helpful information, sincere attempts to...
  13. Re: When did you realize mandolin was your primary instrument?

    I started playing mandolin when I found a 'teens Gibson A-1 in my late grandfather's attic. I got "serious" when my brother, a friend and I wanted to form a bluegrass band, and I was the one who...
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    Re: This Gibson legit?

    For anyone interested in playing guitar chords in the mandolin range, I offer the Bruko (German) octave guitar. I bought one of these from the late lamented Sandy's Music, Central Square in...
  15. Re: John Ramsey(ave guitars, formly Tejonstreet music) retiring

    Served at Ft. Carson 1965-67. Wish the shop had been there then, though I didn't mind taking the bus to Denver and the Folklore Center.
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    Re: Kent mandolin

    Didn't the late "Gatemouth" Brown play one of the long-scale Kents?

    A quick Google finds asking prices all over the lot for used ones -- couple hundred $$ to over $1K, depending on the model.
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    Re: What are your go-to crowd pleasers?

    Whenever I pick up a mandolin, I seem to start playing Red-Haired Boy. Dunno why.
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    Re: Sobell Banjola in the classifieds

    Tell him I still have the Sobell he traded in at Stutzman's in Rochester NY in the early '80's. I have it strung up as a mandola, and have played it ever since.

    I have two "banjolas" -- a c.1900...
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    Re: Gibson Mandolin Banjo Trapdoor

    Looks like the other MB-1's listed on-line have a "cloud" tailpiece cover, so that might be what yours came with.
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    Re: Mandolin identification

    Furtado[s] didn't make it. They're a large music store in Mumbai, India, and doubtless sell a variety of imported instruments (website). The fact that it's labeled in English, and shows "Bombay" --...
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    Re: CGDA tuning on Mandolin?

    You didn't specify whether you're tuning up to CGDA -- an octave above your tenor banjo, like the discontinued Weber "sopranolin" -- or down to CGDA, the same as your tenor banjo. The first...
  22. Re: How did the "curl" on the mandolin body evolve?

    The only Shmergel model with which I'm familiar is the Devastator -- I think I saw the back of one once, for about 1/4 second, before the guards hurried me away. (That's a-whole-nother story...) ...
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    Re: Mandolin identification and value

    Here's some discussion regarding a similar Ibanez. The body style is sometimes called "Venetian," and it's found on some older US instruments from Stromberg-Voisenet and Kay. Discussion on the...
  24. Re: Gibson opposes Collings' headstock trademark registration, ci

    And when Walter Taylor left the family Taylor Wines business (which had been sold to Coca-Cola, I believe), he wasn't allowed to put his name on the products of his Bully Hill vineyard. He signed...
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    Re: Heads up for you Mandolinists with Cats

    Wow, I thought this would be another "my cat likes to sleep in my mandolin case" thread.

    Or the less common, "my cat likes to play my F-5, but her claws are digging into the fretboard" thread.
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