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    Re: Ditson Victory

    That would explain the bridge position behind the cant -- as far as I know, Vega were the only notable maker who put the bridge there by design. In non-Vega bowlbacks, seeing the bridge there is...
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    Re: Sorting out the Vinaccias

    Also interesting to plot Giuseppe's addresses against those on the labels issued by the Fratelli and other family members -- Giuseppe is out in the hills of Materdei and Arenella, whereas the other...
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    Re: Sorting out the Vinaccias

    Thanks for that update, Mick. I've just double-checked and my 1898 Giuseppe has the "Via Giuseppe Mancinelli 45" address. Looks like he moved around quite a bit in the 1890s. The two addresses are...
  4. Re: Sebastian de Grebber, Dutch Mandolin Chamber Orchestra

    Yes, I noticed that slightly too late -- "off the top of my head", as I said, typing as they sprang to mind. Clearly, Ralf sprang to mind twice. Must be because of the Embergher connection with...
  5. Re: Sebastian de Grebber, Dutch Mandolin Chamber Orchestra

    Hi Tim,

    Another few names for your list, off the top of my head:

    Chris Acquavella
    Detlef Tewes
    Carlo Aonzo
    Ralf Leenen
    Gertrud Weyhofen
    Patrick Vaillant
  6. Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680): Modo hypodorico

    Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680): Modo hypodorico

    Athanasius Kircher was one of the most famous scholars of the 17th century, and is sometimes called "The last man who knew everything". He was a...
  7. Re: Amazing Musical Instrument Company Electric Mando

    Sorry, I don't really remember -- that was over ten years ago, and I don't think I saved the emails. I can't remember seeing a serial number, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. On it's own, the...
  8. Re: Amazing Musical Instrument Company Electric Mando

    That was probably me. I own an Amazing emando -- much the same as the OP has, but in red rather than blue. Same sort of hard case. There's a lot of discussion as to how I modified mine in this old...
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    Re: Kerman Mandolin status as of 2019

    Most classical mandolinists from Israel play Kerman mandolins, so if you listen to or watch Avi Avital or Jacob Reuven recording or videos, those are Kerman mandolins.

  10. Re: Embergher - original bridge and questions?

    Hi Tim,

    That bridge looks pretty original to me -- any reason why you would think otherwise? The lower grades had all-ebony bridges whereas the higher ones had bone inserts, for cost reasons I...
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    Re: Counting Tree Growth Lines ?

    Nice to see some discussion of dendrochronology in the forum -- I spent my PhD research working in a geochronology lab (the Godwin Laboratory at Cambridge) alongside their dendrochronology group. I...
  12. Re: Leopoldo Francia (c. 1900): "Adagio" - Mandolin Duet (with sc

    I spent today rehearsing and then recording Francia's lovely Adagio mandolin duet, having completely forgotten that I had already recorded it back in 2016.

    As I've enjoyed rediscovering the piece,...
  13. Re: "Ceccherini" Bowl Back Mandolin on eBay

    Thanks, Peter. I agree: the only thing one can make out with any confidence in the Sparks photo is the scratchplate shape, but this is of course common between Ceccherini and De Meglio. Sparks does...
  14. Re: "Ceccherini" Bowl Back Mandolin on eBay

    For comparison, here are the only two other photos of Francia that I know -- the one on the right is reproduced in the Sparks book and identified as "Francia with his Ceccherini mandolin".

  15. Re: "Ceccherini" Bowl Back Mandolin on eBay

    Following on from this discussion, I was just recording a Leopoldo Francia piece (shortly to be posted in the classical secion) and looking for suitable images to go with my posting I stumbled across...
  16. Re: Borodin: Polovetsian Dance (Stranger In Paradise)

    Thanks, Jeremy! I'm just getting reaquainted with that Vinaccia, after I had loaned it out for a few years. It's a lovely bowlback, and quite different from either my Embergher or Ceccherini.
  17. Borodin: Polovetsian Dance (Stranger In Paradise)

    Alexander Borodin (1833-1887): Prince Igor
    Act 2, No 17, Polovetsian Dance With The Choir/Gliding Dance of the Maidens

    This short melody from Borodin's opera "Prince Igor" is probably his most...
  18. Re: Bellenghi and Weidt mandocello methods

    Thanks a lot for those, Joe -- something to look through at leisure!

    I think the reason for this is mainly that the Bellenghi isn't a mandocello method at all: it's a liuto moderno method. ...
  19. Re: YouTube policy change, ‘Made for Kids’

    I should have said there are three options: you can either mark your entire channel "Made for kids" or "Not made for kids", or you can choose at each individual upload to allow you to have some...
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    Re: German folk songs

    Following on from our previous discussions, I have just recorded two more German folk songs, both arranged as a trio of mandolin, mandocello and tenor guitar based on harmonies from an old children's...
  21. Re: 1922 Gibson Mandolin Production Estimate - By Model

    Thanks, Joe! I think my paddlehead A-Jr is probably one of these -- it's serial number 68884, no visible FON, which Dan's site puts into "made 1921" and "shipped 1922", but there are nine...
  22. Thomas Tallis: Hear The Voice And Prayer (c. 1560)

    We don't very often live up to the "Medieval, Renaissance" part of this sub-forum, so here is a polyphonic tudor composition.

    Thomas Tallis (1505-1585): "Hear The Song And Prayer"

    This is a...
  23. Re: German romanticism or – Two voices, one mandolin

    Thanks, Toomas -- these sound great! You may already have seen my old thread on German folksong, featuring my recordings of several of the same tunes:


    I have not come across this edition...
  24. Re: YouTube policy change, ‘Made for Kids’

    I don't think anybody knows what the consequences are and how it will be enforced at this stage -- Youtube are deliberately trying to push the responsibility for classifying the videos onto the...
  25. Re: Pay The Reckoning's "Irish Mandolin" Webpage - Now Resurrecte

    Hi Aidan,

    Great to see these tunes again. As I mentioned in your other thread, I made a local backup of your site back in 2006 -- there are 66 MP3s on my hard disk. If you send me a PM with your...
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