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  1. Re: Yet Another “What Strings Do Yiu Use?” Thread !!!

    Check out Austin Clark’s strings. He has them custom made for his GBOMs.
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    Re: Chinese made mandolins (Northfield?)

    One of the instructors at a camp last year (when there were still camps) was a high end violin broker. He said that some of the very best, most expensive, violins are coming out of the small luthier...
  3. Re: What Do You Use for Editing Standard Notation

    Thanks for the help. I ended up with Symphony Pro for iPad. Upside, it is fairly user friendly and inexpensive ($15). Downside, it works best with Apple Pencil, interface software another $15 and...
  4. Re: What Do You Use for Editing Standard Notation

    I am learning Sunny Waltz. I have been playing it from the sheet music in Compton’s Gallop to Georgia. It has four measures that were just defeating me, half note, followed by a dotted eight note...
  5. What Do You Use for Editing Standard Notation

    My mandolin teacher helped me mark up a piece of sheet music. Right now the changes are just pencil marks above the original notation. I would like to actually create a standard notation sheet of...
  6. Re: Teacher recommendation for left hand technique

    Mike Marshall has videos on technique. Also, online lessons.

    My mandolin teacher, Kaden Hurst, also does Skype lessons. He stays on my ergonomics. Skype might actually be best for ergonomics...
  7. Re: Weber Mandolins: Alaska Specialty Woods Sitka Spruce

    I once bought a Tacoma guitar with a Spruce top that was recovered from a lake. The tree had fallen into the lake 900 years ago. Total age around 2000 years old.

    It was a really nice guitar. ...
  8. Re: Looking to upgrade from first, but Eastman?

    Not quite the same mandolin, but I have an Eastman MDO305 that I didn’t care for very much. Someone suggested putting Mandola strings on it. It was like I had a whole different instrument. The...
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    Re: Interview with Tom Rozum

    I had the good fortune to attend Tom and Laurie’s bluegrass camps in 2018 and 2019. Sadly, 2020 was cancelled. They are awesome musicians and awesome people who make astounding music.
  10. Re: Four Finger Chop Chords and the Pain!

    I only play three finger chop chords. The hands are just too old to stretch as they should. Interestingly, I know people who play two finger chop chords and mostly, no one really knows the...
  11. All of My 2020 Festivals Have Been Cancelled

    The last festival that I had signed up for has cancelled. Being in the high risk category, I took the news with mixed emotions.

    Apparently, 2021 events aren’t looking so good right now either. ...
  12. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    Good idea. Please change dukesdad to Peter Barnett. Duke has been gone for more than two years.
  13. Re: Good mandolin choice for woman with small hands

    You can get away with a two string chop (G and D) at most jams. More often than not, nobody notices. Mostly, I do three strings but if the tendinitis acts up I drop back to two strings. It’s...
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    Re: Question for Experienced Players

    Thanks for your insights. They are appreciated.

    A clarification, the regular group I jam with is very accepting of a newbie.

    What caused me to be thinking about this more than usual are the...
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    Question for Experienced Players

    I am still pretty much a beginner. In fact, many of the parts to the mandolin world are just now coming together. Like a lot of folks, I started playing bluegrass and had progressed to jamming with...
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    Re: Shoulder pain in fretting arm?

    There is a Mike Marshall video on YouTube in which he says many problems with the mandolin are associated with posture. Similar statements on the web site and his YouTube videos. ...
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    Re: Delfest at Home

    Listening to Sierra Hull as I write this. She is much more contemporary. She has clearly moved beyond bluegrass. Very good but a very different genre.
  18. Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    In general, your statistics reflect my jamming experience. Although, there is probably a higher percentage of women.

    There are also a fair number of women who are taking up the mandolin after...
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    Re: Octave Mandolin suggestions please

    I own an Eastman octave mandolin. I find the scale length to be a bit long for my hands but otherwise I like it. My suggestion would be to play one or two before you buy. These are not just larger...
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    Re: Mastering a New Skill

    Many years ago I was at a career crossroads. I needed income so I took a gig that involved a lot of computer programming. People had been telling me how technical and difficult it was. After about...
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    Re: Mastering a New Skill

    A friend of many years ago had been a public school teacher, a college professor and a corporate training manager. Her take on this question was that some people do have an innate ability. She said...
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    Re: buying first mando without playing?

    A few years ago I stumbled across a new Weber Yellowstone A style for a very low price. Fortunately, I had the money in the bank and after some email exchanges I bought it. It has been a really...
  23. Re: Ebay Ratliff Mandolin Ads - Why is there little interest?

    I have been wondering for a long time who is buying all of these mandolins?
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    Re: Andrew Marlin and Crew in Portland

    Caught his show in Sisters. Fun times!
  25. Re: Why are good mandolins more expensive than good guitars?

    Maybe I live in a unique part of the country (Pacific Northwest) but mandolins frequently outnumber guitars at the jams I attend. And, most of the players are really good so they have been playing...
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