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    Re: mandolin tattoos

    Things could be worse. I have a friend with a tattoo of a Gibson ES 335. I think that was definitely more painful.
  2. Re: What are your thoughts on Deering Tenor Banjos

    I have a 19 fret Ome Irish Tenor. I have never encountered a 17 fret. My Ome is a beautiful instrument with a tone that encourages me to keep playing.

    I also have two 5 string Deerings, Golden...
  3. Re: Mandolin playing mindset vs guitar playing mindset

    I’m a guitar player who has recently taken up the mandolin & Irish tenor banjo. For myself, I just turn the guitar brain off and start noodling on the mandolin. The two instruments are more...
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    Re: My MAS is cured.

    I have a couple friends who have been happy with one or two instruments for as long as I’ve known them. I can see where a nice old Gibson and a beautiful Flatiron would satisfy a person.
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    Re: Tell me it gets easier.

    Iím a long time guitar player who has stumbled onto mandolin a few years ago. I absolutely love the sound of the mandolin when accompanying guitar and other instruments. I found it easy once I...
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    Re: Newb's first day

    Welcome to the party LRDave. There has been a lot of good advice mentioned above. In my opinion, setting up your mandolin is the most important. It will help you accomplish everything else more...
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    Re: Encouragement is magic

    Yes, nothing better than an unexpected compliment. I have also noticed that my own playing gets much better when I’m being challenged by other players during jams.
  8. Re: Big Muddy with silk and steel strings?

    I’ve experimented with Silk & Steel on guitars .... usually because the bridge was lifting or some other reason prompting me to find a solution to reduce string tension.

    I have a Big Muddy...
  9. Thread: Tone-Gard?

    by Greg Connor


    I just picked up a Tone-Gard for my mandolin. So far, Iím tickled with the beneficial result.

    Here is my question: Has anyone tried the Dreadnaught Guitar and Banjo Tone-Gard? If so, what are...
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    Re: Small amplifier

    I use a Fishman Artist and a Fishman Performer depending on the size of the gig. These are both great sounding amps (big brothers to the Fishman Mini). I recently discovered that they are both...
  11. Re: What price level and up gets you a "lifelong keeper" mandolin

    I belong to the camp THERE IS ALWAYS ONE MORE OUT THERE THAT NEEDS TO COME HOME WITH ME.. I GREW UP PLAYING MY Dadís Guild M 20. I still have it, but now it has a lot of instruments around it. It...
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    Re: Q Mandolins

    I like the idea of “hand made” but technology is definitely knocking at the door. I bought a mandolin, “hand made”, by this guy who went on to perfect CNC.

    Take a look: ...
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    Re: My mandolin got eaten by a Stratocaster.

    Looper pedals are an absolute blast! Perfect for practicing lead breaks and really nice for playing out. Get one with a separate “off” button. It will save you some embarrassment when you are...
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    Re: My mandolin got eaten by a Stratocaster.

    Ahhhhhh ... the joys of instrument acquisition! I am an acoustic player like most people here, but lately Iíve been plugging in the electric guitars, as well as buying electrics, amps and pedals. ...
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    Re: New carbon fiber mandolin builder

    I’m glad to see some enthusiasm for carbon fiber mandolins. I have two Carbon fiber guitars that I use every winter when playing out. I leave my Martins, Gibsons, and Breedloves at home, warm and...
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    Re: Another NMD

    That looks like a NEAT instrument! I’m a resonator guitar nut from way back. Your new acquisition looks like a lot of fun.
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    Re: My New Baby

    Congratulations on your new acquisition. I have a 1917 A4. Nothing else sounds like it. It has that beautiful open wood sound.
  18. Re: How do I put 2 recordings from Windows Media Player to YouTub

    I suggest you “save” the two recordings to your computer hard drive. Then upload to YouTube using the YouTube prompts.

    Two YouTube Channels:
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    Re: Carbon Fiber Mandolin Raffle

    That might be worth a $20 contribution. A carbon fiber mandolin would solve a lot of problems here during a Minnesota winter.
  20. Re: Need Help with String Choice for Sweaty Hands

    Yes, as mentioned above. Coated strings like Elixers might help. They are also expensive and, as mentioned above, they sound different. Maybe the solution is to buy a motorized string winder and...
  21. Re: How has the mandolin changed your guitar playing?

    ..... DADGAD ..... previously mentioned. That has been something that I have never understood, or at least never been able to conquer. Standard tuning is great, open tuning in G or D is wonderful. ...
  22. Re: How has the mandolin changed your guitar playing?

    Mandolin has been the perfect accent to accompany my guitar on recordings. Iím playing guitars and mandolins interchangeably. Iíve taken the mandolin to a few jams but I still have to really think...
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    Re: What do you keep your picks and stuff in?

    I wish I was as organized as all of you. I have picks, capos and slides everywhere. You might say I keep them in a 3 bedroom, 2,600 square foot box.
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    Re: What are you looking forward to?

    I’m looking forward to playing music with other people and singing without a mask. I’ve been playing monthly at my Mother’s assisted living since last November over closed circuit TV. Singing...
  25. Re: Open-back banjo recommendation for a mandolin player?

    I have two Deering banjos, a Senator and a Golden Era. I suggest looking locally for any of the brands mentioned above. Banjo Hangout also has a classified section. Sometimes you can get a used...
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