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  1. Re: The virus, the economy, mandolins and you

    Playing everyday, but no gigs in sight, some have been postponed but most are just gone. Hat's off to Troy Shellhamer and other healthcare professionals. My brother and his daughters are all in...
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    Re: I Miss Playing Live!

    My wife and I had a mandolin rag session this morning and an offer to play on the street in a small town near us with a tip jar at least 6 feet away. Don't that w emight not do it but there probably...
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    Re: Article: The Rise of Marla Fibish

    She is an outstanding mandolinist.
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    Re: Musician quotes

    My quote is from me. "Music, the most beautiful way to count time."
  5. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    I kind of fell out of love with the fiddle in the past decade and play more mandolin now, but banjo and guitar get a good work out too. What is needed to fill the gig or jam, that's what I'll play.
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    Re: Your Thoughts On D'Addario XT Strings

    I just took them off two mandolins, they were not staying in tune very well, especially the A and E strings. I was disappointed with the cost/value ratio. Back to untreated strings.
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    Old Time Mandolin

    Here's a nice article I found on old time mandolin by Cary Fagan who is around here somewhere. Lots of pictures and good information.
  8. Re: Sound: opinions sought on technique vs instrument, i.e. anti-

    Each mandolin gives you something different sonically. Getting the right one or tow or three to cover the range of what you want to hear can be done. It is the rare mandolin that is everything to...
  9. Re: Why do people only sell the great ones?

    A story I heard over 50 years ago goes something like this. Segovia went to a store in Chicago. The man there said "I have the perfect guitar for you". Segovia played it and admittedly said it was a...
  10. Re: How to approach practicing and improvement?

    Nudging one's self forward is a part of this practice. Playing scales and arpeggios is great, finding tunes that are musically and technically challenging is important too. OF course these tunes...
  11. Re: Grover? Gotoh? Schaller? Golden Age Mandolin Tuners?

    Grover 309's get my vote.
  12. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    Depends on the gig, which band and what is needed. Heck I got a call to play fiddle the other day, which I haven't done too much lately. I teach mandolin, fiddle, guitar and banjo in no particular...
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    Re: keeping the mando off your stomach

    Add John Reischman to the yes column.
  14. Re: Book/s on how to improvise on Old Time tunes???

    There are books on improvisation like this one

    And this one:

    But nothing takes the place...
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    Re: Solo builders

    Single makers should include Robb Bophy in Colorado. His Elkhorn mandolins are mighty fine, I love mine and liked others that I have played. His prices ar ein line and his work is first class.
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    Re: Need mando advice

    I've played three or four Morris mandolins and they all sounded real good. Actually helped a couple of students get them. if you can get past their tacky peg heads they are are very good for the...
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    Re: Weighty Question

    I spent over a month not using the toneguards on my mandolins. I suspected that toneguards act much as a shoulder rest on a violin does tonally speaking. The voice of both instruments is changed by...
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    Re: Does anyone recognise this Gibson?

  19. Re: Early flatiron mandolin prices rise help?

    Last year we saw a price increase across the board on entry level mandolins. Collings raised their prices and it seems that the whole market has grown tighter with higher pricing. At the same time...
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    Re: Screws for tuner buttons

    Thanks Mike, PM sent. I have fixed enough of these over the years that "easy does it" is the MO. If I could corral the kids and their mandolins and get them to a very good local hardware store, we...
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    Screws for tuner buttons

    I teach in a JAM Junior Appalachian Musician program and kids don't pay great attention to the small things, like screws in the tuner buttons on their mandolins. Does anyone know the screw size/spec...
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    Re: Chris Thile's new pick

    Sad news, that pick or any other won't make you sound like any one but yourself.
  23. I've got a killer Big Horn but that Pronghorn is...

    I've got a killer Big Horn but that Pronghorn is mighty fine looking.
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    Re: torrified wood woes

    I had a Martin guitar with a torrified top. It swelled up and I got rid of it.
  25. Re: Favorite Electric Mandolin Albums or Artists?

    Billy Flynn did a good blues album several years ago.

    I have a long out-of-print blues LP by Johnnie...
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