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    Re: Capo for Octave/Bouzouki

    I've got a kyser Banjo capo that I use on my Bouzuki, it works great. If you need to shift keys quickly between tunes an Elastic capo works great (also super cheap) you're going to want to get one of...
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    Re: Peghead Nation vs OAIM for ITM Lessons

    I would suggest getting lessons with a real person in your area, playing this music with other people is what really gets you feeling the lilt, if such a person isn't available in your area, I seen...
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    Re: Thomastik medium on Eastman MD305?

    The TI stark's are far lower tension, they feel slightly rubbery underneath the fingers, like fiddle strings do. I just bought a mandolin with a set of the D'Addario flatwounds on it, they seem to be...
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    Re: Gibson EM-1235 with TWO MANDOLIN NECKS

    For that price you could buy a Loar...... and I highly doubt it sounds as good as any 1000$ solid body electric mando being sold around these forums......
  5. Re: Plastic coated or smooth mandolin strings?

    Get the heavy gauge(Stark) these strings are much lower tension than a normal set of bronze mandolin strings, they feel almost rubbery like fiddle strings. I'm running them for the first time on my...
  6. Re: Irish trad musicians that use Blue Chip TAD 40 pick

    I've been using my TAD 35 for everything, it's solid enough to hit the mandolin strings with some pop but still flexible enough for fast triplets on the banjo or strumming the zouk
  7. Re: Irish trad musicians that use Blue Chip TAD 40 pick

    And as far as the speed bevel goes, I don't really find it noticable, although I have been using speed beveled picks for awhile now
  8. Re: Irish trad musicians that use Blue Chip TAD 40 pick

    I've been using a TAD 35 and it's been working out great as an all around pick, I have a zouk and a banjo too, the pick is an .88 I believe so a good in between. On mandolin I was previously using...
  9. Re: I registered for a group class and am getting nervous

    In my neck of the woods It's pretty common that people of irish ancestry are a minority at session's, I'm one of the only one's, and judging by the website you posted even your teacher isn't a paddy!...
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    Re: Tab Software

    I also recommend TablEdit, I use the tefview app to convert abc files to tab and notation on a daily basis, check out the for a ton of celtic stuff. I dont read standard notation very...
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    Re: My bands EP on Spotify!

    Sounds Like you guys really poured your hearts into those tracks, awsome stuff. I hope you can find some success and write some more great tunes!
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