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    Re: Vern bryant #31, loar tribute

    I’ve known Vern for over 30 years and he is a great person,I have had my gibson mando repaired and he hollowed the scroll out and refinished everything many years ago as mine is a 1971 and I never...
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    Re: Grace Designed Felix Preamp/DI

    Hi folks,
    i just got the felix and its a awesome product! There isn't a console either analog or digital that does a great job for a plugged in mando that I have found and I have both,digital boards...
  3. Re: Bluegrass Hotel Show at the Galt House in Louisville Mar 20th

    I think the producer was in over his head,tv spots and a DVD being made all require releases to the artist and their agents,and according to what I heard they did not recieve them. Normally artist...
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