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  1. Thread: Thick Picks?

    by DougC

    Re: Thick Picks?

    I'd love to try an Insanity V-pick.

    I did notice that the part that touches the string comes to a small bevel like any other pick. So the weight or mass may have some effect and the position of...
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    Re: Who has thin bluechips?

    I use a small Jazz 35 for Irish, klezmer and classical. It seems a little less 'warm' than the TPR 35 and it is a bit harder to do tremlo. (for that, I use the rounded side). But I love that it can...
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    Re: The trouble with trebles (triplets)

    Aside from physical aspects like being loose from your ear to the fingertips, I find that it is a mental exercise. By this I mean that one should know how it should sound at tempo, slowing or...
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    Re: Olive oil staining on top?

    Remember that wood acts like a sponge and if you have a better wicking material like a rag, the oil goes there. Conversely if your rag or sponge is 'full', the oil will go 'the other way' (back into...
  5. Thread: Cafe blog rules?

    by DougC

    Re: Cafe blog rules?

    I agree and would add that the blog offers the same as the guidlines, which to me offers a chance to speak as a musician. So other topics that enter the blog come as a musician would address...
  6. Re: Can Anyone Shed Light on this Fiddle Embellishment?

    It is interesting to see the terminology used by players of different instruments for the same sound. Also players from different backgrounds use their own words for techniques.
    BTW a cut IS an...
  7. Re: Can Anyone Shed Light on this Fiddle Embellishment?

    Mandolins, having double string courses, can't do what a single string can do. That's why most players "keep it simple"
  8. Re: Can Anyone Shed Light on this Fiddle Embellishment?

    The majority of the ornaments here are grace notes and cuts played in a Cape Breton or Scottish manner. (Not Irish...) The grace this way is right on the down beat, or it steals a little time from...
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    Re: Higher Education for Mandolin

    What they won't tell you is that colleges are businesses and they ignore individuals in favor of market trends. Proving that there are trends towards mandolin, (and this blog is one...) is your only...
  10. Re: Listen to CMSA playing "Magnificent Mountain" at the conventi

    A dramatic piece and it was captivating the whole way through. I noticed that the mandola part was in treble cleff, I suppose that's easier reading. (for me at least).
    Very cool.
    Thanks Phil and...
  11. Thread: Back in action

    by DougC

    Re: Back in action

    Adian you can also have your own blog on Mandolin Cafe. It's not as popular as the general discussion or The Session but it is like your own website within MandolinCafe.
    Years ago, in the 90's, I...
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    Re: Bourgeois Guitars Partners with Eastman

    I wonder if Dana reads this blog?
    Mandolin Cafe is the ideal place to discuss the confluence between business and craft. As we are involved in both sides. Philosophy, business, practicality, muse,...
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    Re: Bourgeois Guitars Partners with Eastman

    Does anyone know more about Pono ukele / octave mandolin business arrangements? I believe they are made in Indonesia.
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    Re: Bourgeois Guitars Partners with Eastman

    Am I the only one who thinks that if Dana makes a guitar then it is called a Bourgeois guitar?

    I'm pretty disgusted by the greed and corporate assumption of someone's reputation. (And if Dana...
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    Re: Article: New Music from Alex Heflin - Retro

    Wooo Hoooo! This has got me dancing around the room. Love the rhythm. Great cut guys! Carry on!
  16. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    I suppose it depends on your situation regarding other instruments. I play (mandola) with one or two violins and it sounds great.

    Sometime I'd like to play(mandola) with a mandolin and...
  17. Thread: Dots or no dots

    by DougC

    Re: Dots or no dots

    As a fiddle player, I'd suggest having no frets on a mandolin. Ha,ha. I agree with Bratsche that leaning over to see the dots on the fingerboard hurts your neck. However lately I have been studying...
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    Re: Calton case tip over fix

    Please explain how this works. My guess is that the nylon strap changes the angle of the hinge so that the wire link supports at a better angle, keeping the top upright and it puts the center of...
  19. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    I've been working on chords. The thing I noticed last night was that the mandolin is small, and some four note chords really required some effort to fit my SMALL hands into place. That's not the case...
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    Re: Getting mildew off a gig bag

    Smooth surfaces are easy to wipe with something safe like cleaning vinegar. Cloth in a gig bag is a bit harder but you can give it a lot of vinegar and set it out to dry. The UV light from the sun...
  21. Re: Choro das 3 - stolen instruments, mics, and tour gear

    Thanks so much Amy for posting the information.
    Here is a direct link to the fund raising page.
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    Re: Parting with a beloved mandolin

    There is a 'twist' to this story in my case. And that is that I quit guitar in favor of violin about fifteen years ago. Last year I yearned for guitar again and bought a guitar. Now, I play mandola...
  23. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    I love that term "vernacular learning". Since early childhood I could sing 'on pitch' and memorize tunes. My grandfather played 1930's jazz on piano by ear and could improvise like crazy. Obviously...
  24. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    I learned the same way as Caleb and I'm sure a ton of other players have gone the same route. (O.K. I did have some choir experience in high school.) But my point is that inspiration and self...
  25. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    Well, I agree. But not as emphatically as Mandobart. I Rob's defense I'll say that players without much experience only see the basic 'open string' chords. Basic patterns don't get you very far in...
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