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    Re: Ellis F5 Fern at Gryphon

    I don't either. :(

    When I was there with a buddy a couple of weeks ago, the Ellis was on the wall behind the repair counter. Instead of glass, there was a human and a counter between the...
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    Re: Old Ellis F5 vs New Ellis F5

    Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto just took in a 2015 Ellis F5 on consignment, so I went down there yesterday with a mandobuddy to play it. Its tone was tremendous up and down the neck and the strings...
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    Re: Remove Frets & Scoop

    My left hand never goes above the 19th fret. My right hand usually goes around West Palm Beach, where the sweet spot of my mandolin lies. I was a mandoclicker.

    Last year, I finally decided to...
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    Re: Any arguments AGAINST MAS?

    It’s not just the feel; it’s also the tone.

    Does a painter use only one brush?
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    Re: Mandolin Influences

    My earliest memory of the magic was hearing Mike Seeger play with the New Lost City Ramblers, with the beauty and power of his high lonesome sound.

    Then, seeing Frank Wakefield on the David Frost...
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    Re: Statman Fretboard Journal

    FJ’s podcast this week is with Statman. It’s a fun ride!
  7. Re: Sierra Hull at the Freight and Salvage 3/29/19

    That show was absolutely stunning! I've seen Sierra four times now, and each time, she is playing better and pushing the boundaries further. Just look at the instrumentation in that photo, and...
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    Re: Good news, bad news.

    This is a much more expensive version of the painter's quest for enough shades of blue.

    You love your instruments, but then you come across one that gives you something different than what you...
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    Re: Mandolin instruction

    I’ll second that emotion. I’ve taken a couple of Matt’s group lesson series, and both were great. He offers three series at a time, which all have a different focus. The exercises that Rick...
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    Re: Mann mandolins?

    I have an EM-8, which I bought used a few years ago. I generally play it clean with a touch of reverb when I play through an amp. I've run it through a PA without a reverb, and it comes through...
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    Re: Ola Belle Reed

    Really nice rendition by Mandolin Orange! I've heard about them for a while, but never explored their music. On the list now.

    The first time I ever heard "I've Endured" was in the middle of this...
  12. Re: Nominations for... Favorite Mandolin Duets of 2018

    If I can expand this thread to favorite mandolin family duet of 2018, it would be the opening tune on that great album:
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    Re: the 12 days/mandolins of Chritsmas

    I thought this was going to be the ultimate MAS-justification post, saying that we needed to have enough mandolins to play a different one on each of the 12 days of Christmas. :mandosmiley:
  14. Re: Favorite Electric Mandolin Albums or Artists?

    When you have an hour or two, go to YouTube, type ďSam Bush electric mandolinĒ into the search box, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!
  15. Re: Giacomel 10 string Mandocello/Octave Mandolin

    Carters still has a 1997 Nyberg cittern for $3,500. I played it last year and LOVED it. Do you hear $10K more of tone in the Giacomel?
  16. Re: CBA Fund to help fire victims who lost instruments.

    CalFire says that nearly 14,000 residences were lost, along with another 5,000 non-residential buildings in the 240 square mile fire zone. The good news is that a couple days of rain here helped...
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    Re: Adam Steffey steps away from the business

    I certainly echo everyoneís sentiments and experiences! I just hope the departure is what he wants to do, not what he has to do.

    I met Adam a couple of times at the late great Mandolin Symposium....
  18. Re: CBA Fund to help fire victims who lost instruments.

    So far, this fire has taken down nearly 10,000 homes and over 200 square miles of forest, and it's only 40% contained after a week. We already have 63 confirmed fatalities, but over 600 people are...
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    Re: Nyberg Cittern at Elderly

    Last summer at Carters, I played one of those great instruments that he built 20 years ago. It was a cittern, which I was surprised to find is still listed on their website. I didn’t check its...
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    Re: Sampling new Weber Mandolins

    Earlier this decade, before the sale, I got to play Weber F’s all the way up the line. Focusing only on tone, I think that Bruce did a great job back then of making each model sound noticeably...
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    Re: Custom Build Luthiers

    Take a few days and head over to Nashville. Both Carter’s and Gruhn’s have used mandolins built by lots of the builders raved about on the Cafe. I got an incredible education there last summer, and...
  22. Re: Mandocello, goldtone and Eastman comparisons please

    I have played more expensive mícellos, and I agree with Drew that the Eastmans are properly priced. They arenít a rip-off, and they arenít a bargain. I havenít played a Gold Tone, though, so I...
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    Re: The Station Inn: Nashville

    When I went there last summer, the jam was a set of concentric circles, literally defining the in-group. Occasionally, they threw a break to a player in the second circle, but the third circle...
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    Re: When or why to upgrade

    Finally, there is some group in which Iím part of the 0.1%! :grin:

    I agree that shops do want you to carefully try out any instruments that are accessible on the wall for several reasons:

    1. ...
  25. Re: Help me choose a F-style mandolin in the $2500 - $3500 Range

    This Lebeda has been on the wall at Gryphon for a looooooong time, without a price reduction. It's pretty nice!
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