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  1. Kluson split-shaft tuners for mandolin

    I just put a set of Kluson-style split-shaft tuners(NOS from a Mando-Strat) on my electric mandola, and now I wish that they made them for 8 string mandolin. I've seen these tuners for guitar in both...
  2. Re: What mandolin recordings are definitive to evolving its role?

    I think that Jethro Burns' solo on Back Up And Push was a game-changer for a lot of "swing-curious" bluegrass mandolinists.
    Solo at 4:05
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    Re: Rare resonator on Ebay?

    I had one of these. It said Stella on the peg head, but I called it a "NoBro". I think that I got $25 for mine on Ebay, including the cover plate...
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    Carlos Aonzo Trio

    We got to open for the Carlo Aonzo trio last at a small venue here in Missoula last night. I admit that I was not all that familiar with his music before we were offered this spot. I'm really a...
  5. Re: oddball (pseudo?-) resonator w. amusing "professional" setup

    A "faux-bro"!
  6. Re: If you could have any mandolin in the world….

    I would get back the Flatirion A5 Artist that I won in the Frets Magazine giveaway in 1985. I foolishly traded it to Greg Boyd in 2003, and have regretted it ever since. 177117
  7. Re: VERY CLEAN GIBSON MANDOLIN A50 1942-1949 Flame back Boring si

    It's really an A-1, not an A-50. A blonde mandolin like this sold on Ebay last week that had highly flamed sides, and a plain back. Maybe they got switched in production.
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    Re: Help please dating A-style Gibson

    It was not uncommon for Gibson to repaint pegheads and put a modern logo on and instrument that came in for repair. I used to have a Southern Jumbo guitar that had the original 1947 script logo...
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    Re: Gig stories...

    My "worst gig" story:
    We were booked one year to play for the last day of the season party at a popular local ski hill. It's a long drive up a steep, icy road, then the gear gets ferried up, little...
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    Re: 4- vs 8-string electric mandos

    If you get an 8 string, you can always play it as a 4 string.
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    Re: Gig stories...

    My band used to have a weekly Sunday night gig at a local bar. Since it was Sunday, we usually player 7-11pm. One weekend, we played a Friday bar gig in a town about 5 hours away, then a wedding in...
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    Re: Mandolin missing 46 years

    You never know. Peter Frampton eventually got his Les Paul back after the plane it was in crashed in the jungle:
  13. Re: Barney Kessel Playing A Gibson 12 String Mandolin?

    Thanks Bob. I play lap steel also, and have been working on some HC tunes, as well as some other swing standards.
  14. Re: Barney Kessel Playing A Gibson 12 String Mandolin?

    One of these is for sale at Elderly now:...
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    Re: puzzled by Gibson A at guitar show

    Gibson often added or updated a logo on the head stocks of mandolins that came in for repair/refinish. I used to have a '47 Southern Jumbo that had been back to the factory for repairs, and they...
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    Re: Shadow bridge pickup?

    A friend is going to give me an old Fishman bridge that he hasn't used in a long time, so I guess that I'll be spending my money on a preamp. The Schatten mini is in my price range. Any other...
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    Re: Shadow bridge pickup?

    This is why the bridge pickup seems like a good idea for this particular mandolin. My $50 Rover will sound just as good as a Collings.
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    Re: Family heirloom early Gibson question

    It's a style A. An A-1 would have "The Gibson" inlaid in the peg head.
    Looks pretty nice from the pictures.
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    Shadow bridge pickup?

    I just picked up a cheap Rover RM-50 mandolin with the idea of using it for louder situations, or other times when I don't want to bring my 100 year old Gibson. Since it's such a cheap...
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    Re: Value of 1919 Gibson A-2

    I paid $1100 for my 1919 A2(all original with pickguard and case) from a local music store a little over two years ago.
  21. Re: 4-string emando, what’s the best out there?

    I have a 4 string mandola from Montana luthier Ryan Rukavina that I love. He winds his own pickups, and they sound great.176071
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    Re: $270,000 Loyd Loar on Facebook markeplace

    It's listed in the mandolin archive, #76546.
  23. Re: 1935 Gibson A1 Mandolin on eBay for you bargain hunters

    A-1. A-50's from that period usually have bound fret boards and pearl inlay in the peg head.
  24. Re: Gibson A-style on ebay -- Detectives, do your thing!

    50's A-50.
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    Re: D'Addario Strings - Ask Us Anything

    No questions. I just wanted to say that I've been using your (non-coated) phosphor bronze strings for 35+ years, and I'm still very happy with them. Thanks for making such a good string!
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