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  1. Re: Article: Playback - D'Addario's String Recycling In a Nutshel

    Just sent in 3.5 pounds today.

    Great program, and glad they lowered the minimum for the next month!
  2. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    My imagination must have been working overtime - I envisioned the poor, suffering commas and periods staging their own independent revolt by distancing themselves from the hideous bolding.

  3. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    Thanks Bernie. Aside from the 'let-down' of the moment (ie, 1st encounter with Henry on the NAMM show floor January 1986) and subsequent frustration . . . there are odd vivid memories that provide a...
  4. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    Flatiron: setting the record straight and a bit of context:

    I primarily agree with the prior posts here which emphasize the untenable act of forging the 'Gibson' name and passing off forgeries and...
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    Re: 2019 Tune-A-Week Project

    Week 26 - halfway thru the year, just another 26 weeks to go! Here's a short and sweet jig for ye, "The Stolen Purse":
  6. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    It's not just MandolinCafe. FWIW, 30 seconds on Google brought up these:

    34 pages :disbelief: of many negative comments at

    Various expressions including some discontent...
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    Re: Stolen - Weber Fern A-style - Oakland, CA

    Good news I got word from my insurance they will cover the full value of replacements for stolen items (minus small deductible) and I installed an alarm system at my house!

    I'm still checking...
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    Gerald Anderson, Rest In Peace

    Gerald Anderson passed away in his sleep Wednesday night/Thurs morning. Gerald was a great friend and talented musician/luthier, and on a personal level, was my wife's encouraging mentor as she took...
  9. Re: Lengthy article on bluegrass in the Guardian (UK)

    To some degree, I think that's just the angle the author took (a good article usually starts with a good "hook"), and to be fair, on the surface it's not a bad angle from which to explore a music...
  10. Lengthy article on bluegrass in the Guardian (UK)

    Interesting article in a publication where a story about bluegrass might come up once every few decades.

    It strays into areas that will get the thread closed down very quickly if you insist on...
  11. New Chord melody...with special Guests!

  12. Jeena Jeena, Hindi song for mandolin from the Bollywood film

    Hi Guys, here's something different! :)
    It's a song from a Hindi film, I've written up mandolin tab on WITH GUITAR chords too. And the score can be slowed down to practice tremolo....
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    Sticky: Re: Post a Pic from the Past

    Here you go

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    Our Western Montana bluegrass family

    Ruby's Inn in Missoula, Montana has been hosting our association's winter jams for years. I made this film to commemorate our last jam there. Come meet our family and pick with us!

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    New Kelley mandolin violin style

    I was asked about making a mandolin violin style. Here it is an A model with 100 yr old red spruce top, northern hard maple b/s/n. Parallel tone bars, carbon fiber rod in neck. Varnish finish. It...
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    Re: Date for Rigel Mandiolin?

    The information came directly from Pete Langdell. As I remember there were a lot of Rigel dating questions at that time so this was a way to head them off.

    My Rigel is #1266, made in the...
  17. Re: Anyone Know where I can find a used Gilchrist

    if there was a crack, and it was known and seen while inspecting the mandolin, Greg Boyd would have listed that info in the description. That man is as honest as the day is long. Stellar shop with...
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    Re: Article: Andy Statman Rides the Monroe Bus

    Ed Haber has worked closely with Andy Statman for years and produced many of his CDs. He's a skilled audio engineer whose work can be heard on New York City's NPR Station, WNYC - where he serves as...
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    Re: Gibson Teens Serial Numbers

    It's never safe to assume anything when it comes to Gibson, so we need to keep in mind the actual evidence. We have serial numbers, we have the dated Loar labels, we have FONS and we have the actual...
  20. Really fun new Youtube series from Forrest O'Conner

    Thought I'd share this recent video that Forrest and his partner Kate did. Really awesome playing, cool mandolin nerd stuff and some really funny clowning around

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    D'Addario Strings - Ask Us Anything

    Hello everyone!

    Kyle here from the fretted D'Addario product development and management team. I wanted to create a thread where everyone and anyone can ask any questions or leave any comments they...
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    Re: D'Addario Monel Strings !

    Hello everyone! My name is Kyle and I work at D'Addario on the Fretted product development and management team. I drove the launch of our new monel mandolin sets in 2018. I'm glad to hear that a...
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    Re: Luthier Paul Hostetter has passed away

    There's a very nice, very complete obituary for Paul Hostetter in today's San Francisco Chronicle and online here:
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    Re: Gibson Teens Serial Numbers

    The number chart was NOT created by any website. I believe the information originated with Julius Bellson. It may have been published by Roger Siminoff in Pickin' magazine in the 1980s. It was...
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    Re: A mandolin/violin relative price story

    I work in a violin shop selling violins/violas/cellos and bows, and I can say that a lot of the pricing is entirely legitimate, but a lot is also extra-musical.

    As far as I know, violin-family...
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