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  1. Re: do you own/have experience with a Martin Style 5 Terz?

    I owned a terz style guitar that was made by a local luthier. It was a fabulous guitar and I loved it…when I played it. I would take it to jams and camps but most - including pros - just weren’t...
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    Re: David McLaughlin Style

    I forgot to mention that there are a couple slow downer apps I use to learn tunes/songs. One is Amazing Slow Downer for audio the other is one called Audiostretch that a fellow Cafe member turned...
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    Re: David McLaughlin Style

    Such a cool song! He is a super nice guy, I'd contact him and have him teach you what he's doing.
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    Re: Fiddle Tune Chord Change Book

    Here is a link to a nice list of tunes with the chords from Steve Kaufman
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    Re: Transposing Notes

    It is very good practice to transpose tunes/songs to other keys. You could start with a more familiar tune like twinkle twinkle little star or other common nursery rhymes or whatever you know. ...
  6. Re: New (to me) Gibson A5L . To scoop of not....

    When I hear the pick click on my Gibson it reminds me that the pick is digging into the strings too far rather than just skipping over them enough to make noise, I use it as a reminder to clean up my...
  7. Re: Anyone Else Using Chris Henry's Monroe Video Lessons?

    I have just about every video that Christopher has produced and think the quality is fine, anything gets better over time but there is no way to compare what he does as a one man band with PegHead...
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    Re: Lakota mandolin straps

    I have both braided and flat, the braid “gives” slightly, the flat one not at all. Love them both…need more mandos…
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    Re: How to practice Circle of 5ths

    This is my source for music theory…:disbelief:
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    Re: Capo for an octave

    I use Paige capos that store on the neck…for no particular reason other than they store on the neck and I don't have to search around for one. They work well for me and I dont get any fret buzz with...
  11. Re: A tip that’s helping my clarity and speed

    Scotter’s thread is about him posting chord charts to share with the iRealPro community. There are other threads here on the Cafe that talk about iRealPro but to just give a bit of an answer to your...
  12. Re: A tip that’s helping my clarity and speed

    Strum machine is a really nice resource but since I already own iRealPro I generally use that or backup tracks on the www. In addition to tempo change iRealPro also has a mode that will change keys...
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    Re: iReal Pro Charts

    Thanks Scott, these charts are very handy. Been using iRealPro for years now - it's a great resource, I like changing up the backup rhythm and playing along to tunes/songs - nothing like playing Big...
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    Re: One versus two-piece backs

    When I ordered my Northfield F5M I specifically wanted a one piece back but solely because of aesthetics...I just like the look.
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    Re: Learning to Jam – A Primer?

    Yay, so glad you went. I can’t wait for my group to start up again.
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    Re: Double Stops Question

    It may have been mentioned but Sharon Gilchrist has a lesson at Peghead on DS, she calls them “neighborhoods”, also while practicing scales and such is never bad, I’d just pick the keys you play in...
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    Re: Learning to Jam – A Primer?

    Go to the jam without expectations of what others will expect - heck other than #1 I know people who have played for ages that don’t know most of the stuff on your list.

    Although some may frown...
  18. Re: chop or other rhythm techniques for octave mandolin?

    Matt Flinner is offering a course on the OM beginning end of March
  19. Re: mandolin picker's guide to bluegrass improvisation audio file

    Try contacting the publisher - Mel Bay, or the author - Jesper R-Peterson. Maybe they can send you links to the download audio files.
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    Re: Tips for moving up the neck needed

    Not sure if you are talking about playing or getting up the neck...or maybe both.

    Try Angeline the Baker, Arkansas Traveler, Soldiers Joy up the neck. Put your index on the D note on the 5th fret...
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    Re: Sweep picking on mandolin?

    I’m sure there are many more examples but one I like is in this video of Emory Lester, at about 1:00 he does all downstrokes thru the chord progression, pretty cool sound.
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    Re: Surviving Lockdown

    Nice job to all! Your secret is safe with us...;)
  23. Re: How to use more right wrist and minimal right arm?

    Hi Gina, I recently had to reset my right hand as I was getting too much arm into my playing. I just had to slow way down and remain aware of when I was doing it and work to quiet it down. I ran...
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    Re: Monroe Style

    I too like the staggered 16ths and practice working them into tunes as much as I can. To answer the que you would follow the chord progression so in the case of Blue ridge cabin home in G, play the...
  25. Re: Is there a reason for the fretboard extension without frets ?

    Wow, beautiful mando! I have a mando with an unscooped Florida, pick click means I am inserting the pick too deep when playing so I use it as a reminder to have my pick glide over the strings.
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