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  1. Microphone for recording with iPad or Android phone

    I'm looking for a microphone I can use to record from my iPad 11 pro or Samsung Note. I'd be recording myself at home and my Old Time group out at jams. Thanks for any recommendations.
  2. Re: Old-Time/String Band/Bluegrass-ish Jam in Myrtle Beach

    We were there yesterday (Sunday). Sorry we missed you too. How long are you in town for?
  3. Re: Old-Time/String Band/Bluegrass-ish Jam in Myrtle Beach

    Hey all! We are still here picking and grinning in the Carolina Lowcountry. If you find yourself in the Myrtle Beach area, look us up. We gather about once a month. Stay healthy and stay in tune!
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    Re: Valley Forge arrangement?

    Been picking away at this one, and so far it sounds like this. track by Mark at Bluegrass Backing Tracks. ...
  5. Re: Old Time Mandolin Workshop with Caleb Klauder

    Looking forward to this, but I can't make it Sunday, I hope they record it and I can watch after the workshop. I really enjoy Caleb's playing and all his various projects.
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    Re: NMD Northfield F5S

    Congrats, that's a beauty. I sure do love mine, but blonde's might have more fun...
  7. Re: Torn between 2 mandolins. / Eastman serial number question?

    I'm not sure about the serial numbers, when I bought my MD515 from the classifieds, I sent an email to Eastman and they dated it for me. I upgraded the mandolin for a Northfield with the intention of...
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    Re: Old-Time Discussion Board

    Seems like the OT Friends of the Lowcountry hasn't been very active. Surprised there isn't a discussion board dedicated to OT. Lot's of great resources out there. Not to hijack my own thread but are...
  9. Old-Time/String Band/Bluegrass-ish Jam in Myrtle Beach

    It's hard finding acoustic old-time/folk/bluegrass/Americana nerds in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, but I've finally put a small group together. If you are in the area and interested in jamming let me...
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    Re: Monroe Style

    Thanks for posting the video Josh. Cool technique, look forward to getting it hard wired.
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    Old-Time Discussion Board

    Is there anywhere on the www where the Old-Time nerds go to obsessively discuss songs, techniques and gear. Or is that too high tech for the OT crowd. Asking for a friend.
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    Re: Valley Forge arrangement?

    I've been playing with a fiddle player that plays this tune very well and really wanted to learn it. I had a version transcribed by Gunnar who is on this forum, can't think of his handle. I attached...
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    Re: Monroe Style

    Thread bump. I just started working on Compton's Peg Head Nation course. Big change from the single note fiddle tunes I was working on last year. Amazing how much subtle stuff going on in Monroe's...
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    Re: Music in Charleston and St Augustine

    I'm an hour and half up the road in Myrtle Beach if you land in Charleston. I have a small group that gets together second to last Sunday of the month for a hybrid old time/bluegrass/Americana jam....
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    Re: RIP Tony Rice

    Sad sad news, sad sad times...
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    Re: New Peghead Nation web site

    The new site looks good. I've learned a lot from Sharon's courses.
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    Re: $1000 Budget - What should I get?

    When I was shopping in that price point, I got an Eastman 515. Great mando, I love it. Bought it here on the classifieds. I was supposed to sell it to finance my Northfield but it is such a great...
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    Re: Happy Anniversary Mandolin Cafe!

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for all you do for all the mandolin nerds worldwide!
  19. Re: Skill Progression/Benchmarks, MAS and Instrument Upgrades

    I first picked up a mando about 10 years while living in southern Mexico. We had a terrific jam with all the ex-pats but as is often the problem, too many guitars. The host of the jam had a pretty...
  20. Re: Flatiron 1N (The one that got away) and Northfield Calhoun

    Thanks for all the input. Looking forward to checking out your recommendations. The $164.36 was not a typo, that was sarcasm :)) Meaning, I only want to spend $164.36 but I know I'll be in for $1K...
  21. Re: Flatiron 1N (The one that got away) and Northfield Calhoun

    I decided to pull the trigger on a Sawchyn Beavertail pancake and I love it. So much fun to play and a totally different sound and vibe than my F5S. That would be my recommendation.[/QUOTE]

  22. Re: Flatiron 1N (The one that got away) and Northfield Calhoun

    [QUOTE=Zach Wilson;1794320]I'm supremely surprised that your current Northfield isn't giving you enough volume. The ones that I've played are like cannons!!!

    My Northfield has a wonderful tone,...
  23. Re: Flatiron 1N (The one that got away) and Northfield Calhoun

    I watched your 1N video a few times today. Congrats on the build, watched that video as well.
  24. Flatiron 1N (The one that got away) and Northfield Calhoun

    Elderly listed a Flatiron 1N on the classifieds yesterday or today. I spent all day contemplating it, reading past threads, searching YouTube and checking in with my MAS Anonymous sponsor. I tried...
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    Re: Why Mandolin?

    Moved to a small village in Mexico years ago and fell into a jam with a group of ex-pats. Same old story, too many guitars on the porch. The host had an old bowl back mando which had been neglected....
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