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  1. Re: Question about Acoustic Amps and PreAmps

    A guitar playing buddy of mine goes thru a Boss acoustic preamp pedal into the Tonematch for his Bose S1. It sounds so great he went out and bought another S1.

    On the other side of the spectrum, I...
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    Re: ‘Beach’ mandolin

    This is the second consecutive summer I've traveled to Israel with a mando. Last year I brought the Crafter. This year I have the Eastman. It traveled with no hassles or complaints in its hard case,...
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    Re: PA trip

    The Bluett shop is nearby.
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    Re: eq pedal with boost

    I like the Baggs Venue DI a lot. Definitely meets all your needs, but might be bigger than you want.
  5. Re: If your spouse just green-lighted an electric mando ...

    1. A new 5 string commission from Andrew Jerman.
    2. The new Eastman El Rey mandolin has my interest.
    3. A used Jonathan Mann SEM5 always will grab my attention.
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    Re: Again: Beginner mandolin

    Given that list, IMO you're correct the Kentucky is the better option "on paper". As always, let your ears and hands decide!
  7. Re: Experience in Using Effects on Acoustic Mandolins

    I've been eyeing the Roland Street Cube EX as an option. Friend uses hers regularly for farmer's markets and other parking lot gigs. Guitar and mic coming in, and it really sounds great running on 8...
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    Re: Signal Channel

    Depends on the rig and the need.

    Acoustic: Baggs Venue DI feeding the Loudbox ch2 via the XLR; AFX Chorus and Delay in the Loudbox loop; Loudbox plate reverb selected. I keep the Polytune Noir in...
  9. Re: looking for a new case for a rigel A plus deluxe .

    I just checked to see how my A Nat fits into a newer Travelite case I have. It was a bit tight with the Tone-Gard on, but once that was removed, the Rigel and strap (Long Hollow Softy) fit easily and...
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    Re: Rigel on Ebay

    I got mine new, shopworn, from First Quality Music back in the day ('03) for $800 with a replacement ebony bridge already on the instrument. OEM tuners & pickguard were installed by the local Rigel...
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    Re: rigel mandolins

    That seller usually pushes the outer limits on his pricing. My Rigel is #1774. It started life as an A Natural but has been modded with Rigel tuners & guard from the local dealer, and p/u back at...
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    Re: 1963 Gibson f5 custom mandolin

    Birth-year mando for me. The F-5 had maybe a run of 50 pieces. Let me know if your friend wants to part with it.
  13. Re: The Mighty Cozart! New 8 string electric

    I picked up a DSEM 008 (335 style) with a gig bag. Be prepared to spend some cash on a decent bridge and a good set up.

    Also, the pickup is passive. I find it a bit underwhelming. Sure, the...
  14. Re: Rio Grande Mock 4 Pickup for Gibson EM200

    +1 for Pete at Almuse.
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    Re: Playing a five string vs a four

    I love having the low C available for chordings. Barre chords can be your friend on the 5. Having more real estate for runs up or down is also nice.
  16. Re: Effects for use on acoustic amp or PA with K and K pickup

    Soliver, I love the Digitech Polara Reverb if I am not using the plate settings on the Loudbox. It uses Lexicon algorithms, is stereo if that matters, and sounds fantastic!
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    Re: Eastman 515 V - wow

    I picked up a 515 from TMS in the last year or so. Incredible sound. I swear that out of the box it sounded least as good as my buddy's 915 did brand new a decade ago.
  18. Re: Effects for use on acoustic amp or PA with K and K pickup

    I really like the plate reverb on the Fishman Loudbox 100 LBX400. That said, the Fishman AFX chorus and delay pedals are awesome. Delay has a tap input, and the AFX line are all stereo, and 9vDC...
  19. Re: Effects for use on acoustic amp or PA with K and K pickup

    Most acoustic amps with a tweeter will NOT be happy with an overdrivd pedal. My Loudbox manual specifically says to avoid them.
  20. Re: Best Place to Sell aside From Classifieds

    I sold the Newson custom SCW on consignment via Gruhn's, having checked in with another well-known shop. It was their advice to either do it myself via Reverb, or thru George.

    I found that it...
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    Re: Are Eastmans a keeper?

    +1 on answers like Yes and Yes.
    +1M on be grateful if you're happy with the sound of your axe.

    An Eastman mando today is a substantially better mando than an Eastman mando made even a few years...
  22. Re: -If you could have any mandolin in the world….

    A Monteleone Grand Artist. Following that, I'd be more than thrilled with a Stiver or Rattlesnake.
  23. Re: Smallest electric traval amp, revisited.

    I'd be tempted by the Laney Mini-ST-Lion Amplifier. Drive and Clean lots of controls and i/o. 6 AA batteries.
  24. Re: Moving past my F9...looking for recommendations.

    Want something REALLY modern? Here's my Top 5 Crazy Post-Loar F-5 Style wish list:

    1. Monteleone Radio Flyer
    2. Monteleone Grand Artist
    3. Rigel G5
    4. Sorensen anything, especially the newer...
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    Re: electric mandolin strings?

    I've ordered ball-end strings from both emando (custom 5) and juststrings (D'Addario) and have been happy with my purchases.
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