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  1. Re: Going out of the country...personal item/carry-on?

    In case anyone is interested, the controlling government regulation is FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 Section 403. Federal Register summary of the main point for this discussion:
  2. Re: NMC Electric Guitar Alternate Tuning Gauges/Tension Question

    You should check out

    Input the tuning you want, scale length and the desired tension of the strings. The desired tension can be extrapolated from documentation on a...
  3. Re: What's the weirdest MUSICAL thing you've ever done?

    In the Spring of 1989, I was in my 4th year at university in California and traveled to Leningrad for a semester to study Russian (my major.) This was the last year of the Soviet Union and Gorbachev...
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    Re: crossrock fiberglass mandolin cases

    Very good warning! I actually have a soft piece of leather between the tuner and the headstock to prevent any marking. I hope that is sufficient!
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    National Reso-Phonic RM1 Hot Plate

    Hello folks!

    Can anyone comment on swapping in the Hot Plate on the RM1? Any change in the acoustic tone of the instrument? How's the pickup? Is the whole thing worth the price?

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    Re: crossrock fiberglass mandolin cases

    I recently acquired a Crossrock for my Weber F Fern wearing a Tone-gard and armrest and the mando fits great. I very much like the fact that the lid applies pressure to the tailpiece and the...
  7. Re: Suggestions for Online posting of musical content for payment

    Post your music on Bandcamp. People can listen and if they like it, they can buy it.
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    Nut Slots Cut Too Low


    I just had a new mandolin set up and it seems one nut slot may have been cut too low. The thing plays great but I get buzzing at the first fret when playing one of the D strings open. No...
  9. Re: Eastwood Airline solid electric mandola

    I enjoyed my Airline mandola until I sold it. I had purchased it specifically to play surf music. I play guitar in a surf band now and regret having sold the mandola.

    To play surf, you must, of...
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    National RM1 String Action

    Hello, RM1 owners!

    I just acquired a new-ish RM1 and I think the action needs to be addressed.

    I'm wondering if the action on the RM1 *should* be higher for some reason (because it's a...
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    Re: Naked Bridge Post Is Shredding My Palm

    Thanks for your suggestions folks! Iím going to try Gorilla tape. I donít have the gear to properly file down the screw and itís not worth it to acquire stuff for this.

    Thanks again!
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    Naked Bridge Post Is Shredding My Palm

    Hi! I recently broke out my 35 year old Kentucky KM-200S and turned it into my beater. Because of some bowing, I filed a fret with an emory board and lowered the bridge as far as it would go. Now it...
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    Re: Pango Mandocello

    Itís a great instrument. I just donít play it enough to warrant keeping it.

    As for cost, I invested about $280 into it including TI strings and setup, so $100 over new isnít so unreasonable. And...
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    Re: How To File A Fret

    Oooo! This is a great idea! Thank you! I'll give that a shot!
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    How To File A Fret


    I have a 35-year-old Kentucky KM-200S. It was my first mandolin before I took a brief (30 year) hiatus from the instrument. It's developed quite a bow over the years (no truss rod) from...
  16. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    I love my Weber Rawhide mandola, although honestly, I don't play it that much. I would never part with it.

    I can read and play classical and jazz on mandola and with some effort, I can work out...
  17. Re: Kudos to Bruce Weber at Montana Lutherie

    Bruce is the best. I bought my 2006 custom Weber F from him earlier this year. Great price, great service, great set up. His outfit is the only one I will trust to do work on it now.
  18. Re: I know that tune... um... how's it go again?

    That's a great story and even better song title! :)
  19. Re: I know that tune... um... how's it go again?

    Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm such a dork, I do read music but it never occurred to me to jot out the first measure of each tune in my little black book of songs I (supposedly) know. I will...
  20. I know that tune... um... how's it go again?

    So, a few months ago, after screwing around for a couple of years with classical and jazz, I decided that bluegrass was going to be my thang. 1) Great tunes! 2) Everyone is doing it! 3) Great tunes! ...
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    Re: What has your mandolin been called?

    My 10-year-old daughter insists on calling my A a banjo because she enjoys my reaction.
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    Re: Finger exercises?

    Yes! Please talk to your doctor first before doing anything the Internet suggests! :)

    Daily rider here. Get well soon!
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    Re: D'Addario Micro Tuner - My Review.

    FWIW, I have three of these on three mandos and I find them effective and low-profile (I have a completely irrational hatred of clip-on tuners clipped on while performing.) I cut thin slices of...
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    Ingles Violin Stand Question


    Sorry, another stand question for folks with the Ingles stand.

    I have had it for a while and like it. I always place a micro fiber cloth in the stand before placing my mandolin in it....
  25. Re: Question for notation-reading CGDAE-instrument players

    In general, when reading (ever so slowly), I enjoy NOT seeing ledger lines below - say - G in the treble clef. But that's just me. :)
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