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    Re: Mic and Equipment for playing live

    Piezoelectric pickups have a high output impedance - in the million ohm (megohm, Mohm) range. Many amps and PA's have an input impedance in the 1000 ohm (kilohm, kohm) range. If a preamp or DI is...
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    Re: Cheap ebay mandolin arm rests

    It's more a factor of the shape for me. The traditional skinny "kidney" shape like Cumberland Acoustics offers is not near as comfortable to me as the wider "banana" shape Doug Edwards makes.

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    Re: Amplifying a violin in an electric combo

    I've added a JJB twin head 15 mm pickup wired up to a screw-in 1/4" jack (which replaces the end pin) on 4 of my fiddles.

    Tape off the top of the violin with low-tack painters tape under the...
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    Re: Mandolin Parts

    I have an Allen cast 10 string tailpiece on both my 10 string mandola and 10 string mandocello built by Tom TJ Jessen at Cricketfiddle. This tailpiece takes either loop or ball end strings.

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    Re: Mandola string advice sought

    I'm another big Curt Mangan phosphor bronze fan, on my mandola, octave mandolin, mandocello and HD-28. They sound better (better tone, better volume, better sustain) than anything else I've tried...
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    Re: Iím afraid woodshedding has made me worse

    Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

    If you want to get better on mandolin, practice on mandolin.
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    Re: Mandolin newbie

    In addition to my reply on the AGF - if you've been playing guitar for 45 years you've probably played some begginer level instruments and up to very good quality guitars. Mandolin is much more of a...
  8. Thread: Humidity?

    by Mandobart

    Re: Humidity?

    Relative humidity and its effect on musical instruments is something most people don't grasp. Part of my mechanical engineering degree studies involved a good bit of HVAC, ASHRAE tables and such.
  9. Re: Who is a member/board member of a local BG/OT/Folk Society?

    I've heard and experienced a slightly different set of rules regarding the PRO's (ASCAP, BMI and SESAC).

    It makes no difference if the venue/event charges money or not. It doesn't matter if its a...
  10. Re: Seeking new/used tunning machines for the 1940's (?) Dobro ma

    I have a 1934 (or earlier) Regal wooden body resonator mandolin with a spider bridge. In 1934 they started stamping a number on the inside of the cone coverplate, and mine is not stamped.

  11. Re: Ebony Tuner Buttons for Eastman ER-M El Rey mando?

    I similarly have an antipathy toward mother-of-toilet-seat tuning machine buttons. Where switchable (Grover, Gotoh, some other brands) I've simply replaced the buttons. For the Pings on my Eastman...
  12. Re: Who is a member/board member of a local BG/OT/Folk Society?

    I'm a member and volunteer in 3 local acoustic music organizations (and treasurer/board member of one). There is a good amount of overlap between these three.

    Mid Columbia Traditional Arts and...
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    Re: Mandolin Care?

    When it comes time to change strings, do them one pair at a time. Some new players aren't aware that string tension is what holds the bridge on. If you remove all the strings at once your bridge...
  14. Re: Long-winded general questions from a mandolin newbie ...

    Radim Zinkl had Breedlove make a super wide fretboard mandolin for him. Not sure if the current lineup offers anything similar. My guess is it would be more than $1 k.

    I have larger than average...
  15. Re: Embarassing Question - Which Mandolin to Bring to Jam?

    This is so very important to remember - and a lesson I learned as an epiphany when I was quite a bit younger. Other people pay about as much attention/concern/memory to you as you do to them (in...
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    Re: Comparing Some Gibson Built Mandolins

    The first ('17 A1) sounded the best to me. Next was the F5G. The other two were kind of buried by the guitar accompaniment, but I like the Flatiron better than the A5G.

    Thanks for sharing this!
  17. Re: Changing the strings on my new to me 2nd hand Gilchrist

    I've used all those on my instruments. My favorites are Curt Mangan, followed by DR. But I like sweet tone, sustain and volume.
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    Re: Spokane Fall Folk Festival

    I had a good time jamming with friends there. It's a folk festival with a broad eclectic range of music, dancing, crafts, etc. Not a typical bluegrass-centered gathering. It's worth the drive for...
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    Spokane Fall Folk Festival

    Anyone going? I'll be up there in a few hours.

    Spokane Fall Folk Festival
  20. Re: Blue Chip CT 55 versus Dunlop Prime Tone 1.4

    There is this one, but it's asymmetrical.
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    Re: Tell me about Ibanez mandolins

    Here's the thing that trips up some new mandolin players - they just cost more. There are probably 1000 or more guitar players for every mandolin player. The majority of guitars bought are flat...
  22. Re: Blue Chip CT 55 versus Dunlop Prime Tone 1.4

    The Prime tone pick doesn't wear when the printed label wears off - the printing wears, that's all. I've never had the printed label wear off a Blue chip (or a Gravity, or a Tortex, or a Golden...
  23. Re: I canít remember if learning guitar was this hard

    Sounds like my experience is different from most people who replied on this thread.

    I started violin at 10 years old. I don't remember a lot about the learning process. I had lessons and played...
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    Re: A Different Busking Question

    My bluegrass club has put together a band that has been playing one local farmers market for the past few years. We get paid $200 for a two-hour set. The last two times we've played there we got...
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    Re: Uncommon songs (preferably in G)

    Though I often transpose a song for my vocal range, the OP wants this for a workshop. IMO, it is a disservice to workshop attendees to introduce a song to them in a key other than the one it's...
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