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    Re: What does OP mean?

    Ok, now you've got me wondering what your original guess was??
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    Re: General Mandolin Post

    All string instruments are imperfect by their very design and the laws of acoustics. And sounding "good" is entirely subjective. Certainly with mandolins perhaps more than other instruments, set-up...
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    Re: Rogue RM-100A A-Style Mandolin

    For what it is worth, I've had 3 rogues and two Rover RM50s over the years. I agree the Rover is a cut above the Rogue but not 5 cuts above it as the price is. The only one of those five I owned that...
  4. Re: Varnish finish vs lacquer - durability question

    Don has the solution. The clear plastic pickguard is the obvious answer - cheap, effective, virtually invisible and easily removed. Buy a whole sheet on Ebay, cut it to the shape you want and press...
  5. Re: Does it look like a good entry-level mandolin [new player her

    As noted by others, the Dean F style is a laminate (i.e., plywood) instrument. The A model is solid wood and will have much better sound, even though the Dean may look splashier. The only $300 F...
  6. Re: Newbie here, suffering from analysis paralysis

    I have a Gretsch New Yorker Supreme all mahogany. I like it for what I play (mostly some ragtime and some old-time solo with occasional guitar accompaniment). You are right, it is quieter than the...
  7. Re: Stolen - Weber Fern A-style - Oakland, CA

    Perhaps my choice of words was poor -- I didn't mean that I feel sympathy for thieves so much as pity (and I certainly didn't mean to hijack this thread).

    But anyone who feels the need to steal...
  8. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    I think you mean 1709 -- Stradivari was born in the 1640's. I did not know he made guitars at all so I've learned something on this thread. Now I'm wondering if he made mandolins too? Can't find any...
  9. Re: Stolen - Weber Fern A-style - Oakland, CA

    Yep, I agree. Not to get self-righteous about it, but I always feel bad for thieves because of the sense of deprivation and poverty they must feel that makes them into thieves -- this excludes those...
  10. Re: Why did you choose the mandolin over another instrument?

    Interesting stories here. Mine is probably much less so. For me, I had know idea what a mandolin even was until in my late 20s when I happened to stumble across an imported bowl back in a TG&Y store...
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    Re: Fingers too fat to fret with

    Excellent advice. I would just add a number 6. Learn to hold the instrument correctly. It's not a small guitar so it can't be held like most people hold a guitar. Check the Mike Marshall video on...
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    Re: can you name this tune?

    I don't know the tune, but, unless my eyes deceive me, I count 4 points on that mandolin. Very beautiful.
  13. Re: If you had to begin your mandolin journey again from the star

    I would tell myself to take lessons from a good instructor immediately -- most of all, learn music theory and scales early, no matter how boring it is ... devote some time on every practice session...
  14. Re: E Course on My Mando is Pretty Harsh Soundi g

    As a quick fix, loosen the strings and measure the distance from the nut to the 12th fret - then measure the distance from the 12th fret to the point the strings cross the bridge. Those measurement...
  15. Thread: What the

    by Pete Summers

    Re: What the

    Count me in. I love it. But then, I am and have always been a jazz fan. Not so much a bluegrass fan, though I like it in small doses. I could listen to this kind of jazz all evening.

    Anything new...
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    Re: Vintage mandolin

    I have one just like that one. The patent design was 1914. They were pretty common in the 20s and 30s I think. Solid birch wood, I believe, 13 inch scale (like a bowlback or fiddle), not overly loud...
  17. Re: Have you ever heard of the mandolin brand "IRIN"?

    Absolutely no financial interest with this company, but I have one of these two pointed models shown here. Being an admirer of cheap instruments (I've owned 4 Rogues and numerous other species of...
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    Re: George Washburn Mandolin

    I definitely don't think your friend's experience is typical. I have owned two RM50s, one from Ebay, the other from Elderly. Both were (and still are) excellent. Certainly purchasing from Elderly or...
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    Re: George Washburn Mandolin

    I'm guessing that would also be a laminate instrument. If you don't need an F style, I'd look at the Rover RM50 all wood, carved A style at Elderly for about $150 set-up (nfi). I have an all black...
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    Re: Best fiddle tune book?

    The "Mel Bay Deluxe Bluegrass Mandolin Method," I think it is called, by Ray Valla has some excellent mandolinish arrangements of about 30 common fiddle tunes and comes with a cd that is quite good...
  21. Re: Red Henry demonstrating Monroe Style Manlin'

    Not to put too fine a point on it, I think what David L. was responding to is the implication that anyone who doesn't like this particular style of mandolin playing is stupid and just "doesn't get...
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    Re: Age-related hearing loss: quick test

    Evidently this is the case: I hear the 8000Hz faintly, but the 12000 is much more pronounced -- on my computer anyway.
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    Re: Ebay: Copy of a Lloyd Lane!

    Maybe this guy doesn't actually want to sell it. Maybe he took it on consignment, found out he liked to play it and wants to hang on to it until the "elderly" lady he got it from croaks and he gets...
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    Re: Stuff like this only happens to me

    I'm wondering if the Frank Ford method of stringing ( would hold the string on the post without a hole? He wraps the string over itself and when tightened to pitch, it looks to me like...
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    Re: Thile lesson

    Thile makes a point of noting that anatomy will influence pick hold. It certainly does. The "between thumb and curled index finger" hold may be the "right" way to do it, but certainly not the only...
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