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    Re: One Mandolin - forever...

    Haven't been playing mandolin long enough this time around to be sure about a forever instrument. And I will always own multiple. It's been that way as a guitarist and that's stuck around to...
  2. Re: Which higher priced F style models have solid wood scrolls?

    Perhaps we can temper the discussion with a higher degree of civility. For some, experience is everything, for others it's all about math and most, a smattering of each. That alone opens the doors to...
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    Re: Playing Chords on an Oval Hole?

    My technique depends on what it is I'm playing, and who I'm playing it with. If I'm chording on my vintage F4 while my wife is playing a melody on her mandola, I will probably strum the chords,...
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    Re: Modern vs Traditional Tone

    I would not go along with your description, but that does not mean either one of us is right or wrong. To me, brighter and darker have nothing to do with it.

    Without going into any description of...
  5. Re: Gilchrist Mandolins, is there a best year?

    Hey Bren and John, Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto, CA has a wonderful 1987 Fern for sale. I went by last Tuesday and spent 45 minutes in a back room playing it and it is wonderful. The E...
  6. Re: Monteleone F5 - #4 of his original 10 Loar copies

    I can't help ya with info really, but I'd be tickled pink to see some nice pictures!
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