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  1. Let's not stop at the binding. I think Mr. Ohmson...

    Let's not stop at the binding. I think Mr. Ohmson fancies himself a writer. I own his book and have spent time reading it. He's not a writer. The text is pretty brutal and there's way too much of it....
  2. Re: Article: Theory and Improvisation for the Modern Mandolinist,

    I just got both volumes from MelBay with that nice Black Friday discount. Honestly, I've got a bunch of books and DVDs. I could toss most of them and just keep these two volumes. Mr. Norris does not...
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    Re: Playing a Seven Chord

    That's what I was looking for. The F chord gets used from the parallel minor key. I see this frequently but I couldn't think of how to express it. Thanks!
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    Playing a Seven Chord

    There's something about this chord that I'm failing to get my head around.

    Nope, I'm not referring to seventh chords, chords with a fourth note that is the flattened 7th note.

    I talking about...
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    Re: V-Picks Giveaway


    Never tried V-picks. If I win some, then I will.
  6. Re: Planet Waves NS Micro tuner - a review

    I've had mine for a couple months now. It works fine, and I love the fact that it's nearly invisible and always attached.
  7. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    Sure, why not.

    Make it - Christian Flanagan

    Thanks!! Merry Christmas
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    Re: Irish Tunes?

    Another great site for tunes is The link will take you to a search engine. You can seach for tunes by instrument type and origin (Irish, Scottish, American, etc.). All...
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    Re: right hand practice

    The pick seems to be one key to the technique. I'm a beginner. I started out with a very thin/flexible pick. It just seemed a little easier to get a clean note but tremelo was nearly impossible. I...
  10. Re: Mindless Noodling-- the Link With Real Understanding?

    One training technique I use is playing along with the CD that comes with the music book. I use two free software packages to extract the files from the CD and then slow down the tempo of the music...
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