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  1. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins


    I'm the MD of a show, I want to hear an electric guitar tone in a few places, there's no budget for an electric guitarist who'll only play half the time, and my chops on electric mando (a...
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    Re: Today the Music Died

    I'll keep my eye open for a This Day in History reference a year from now. :)
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    Re: Us newbies are cracking on ;)

    Please let me know when you start making 5-string 14.7"-scale Mandobirds... ;)
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    Re: Playing a five string vs a four

    Playing 4-string closed chords on a 5-string mandolin is no harder than playing 3-string closed chords on a 4-string mandolin.

    I don't find this to be true. Other than having more options with...
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    Re: Online Resources

    Click on my signature, or check out my Classifieds/Mandolin Accessories ad for what's free (now).

    No instructional material per se (meaning, ya kinda...
  6. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    I have a 1921 Gibson H2, and love it.

    Did you add one to your stable and find that you neglected it after a time?
    I'm neglecting it at the moment only because I'm a touring musician, and I...
  7. Thread: Tab Software

    by Jim Bevan

    Re: Tab Software

    Click on my signature, watch the video on the site's homepage, and you'll see mando-specific scores of Sibelius in action – in this case, the fretboard is following the tab, but it can be assigned to...
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    Re: Single Coil Pickups for Tenor?

    When I acquired this:
    it had Alembic bass pickups the E-string was non-existent.
  9. Re: You know you think about mandolins too much when...

    ...when you click on this thread to see what others have to say simply because it hadn't occurred to you that, um, this might be a problem???
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    Re: No Wires ! Joe Walsh w/ Molly Tuttle

    I'm minded of the early Beatles performances, with one mic for the lead vocal, and one mic for the backup vocals the main advantage is that the band gets to "mix" themselves, without having to rely...
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    Re: Help with Timing


    What's customary for sessions, however, is not customary for ITM bands, and certainly not conventional for the genre to the point where if you're not really improvising, it's not really...
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    Re: Help with Timing

    That there's no generally-agreed-upon set of chord changes for 99% of the tunes doesn't mean that guitarists are improvising their parts.
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    Re: Interesting video

    That was a lot of fun, thanks for that Pete!

    I studied jazz back in the day with Adolph Sandole (brother of Coltrane's teacher Dennis Sandole, who himself was a pretty out-there cat, with stuff...
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    Re: Eastwood Cosey electric

    I've never tried an Eastwood product, so I have no valid opinion of their instruments, but I do have an Eastwood story:

    When they first came out with The Mandocaster (which I was heavily into at...
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    Re: Your First Upgrade

    When I was a teenager, I had a pawn-shop Harmony ($10), and then a minor upgrade to a new Harmony ($125), which fell apart in the leaky basement of a Philadelphia home during the high-humidity...
  16. Re: Electronic tuner: guide, or unquestionable authority?

    I'm switching back and forth between piano and a Jonathan Mann SEM-5 in my 90-minute show, there's a monstrous video projector putting out a lot of heat nearby, the air-conditioning is freezing...
  17. Re: Played an EARNEST Junior Deluxe 5-string electric mandolin to

    Thanks for that, Stevo.

    I'm in the process of swapping out two Ryder humbuckers (which sound amazing) for two Ryder stacked humbuckers on my Mike Marshall 5-string for the sole reason that I can't...
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    Re: Playing a five string vs a four

    When I started playing CGDAE instruments, what confused me wasn't the low C it was the fact that the D-string was now the middle string. :confused::)
  19. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins

    Experience has taught me that the electric 4- or 5-string mandolin has a rightful place in open mic/blues- rock-jam situations two electric guitars and an electric mandolin often sounds better than...
  20. Re: Question for notation-reading CGDAE-instrument players

    Good to know, Margora, thanks for that!

    I saw Hamilton perform in Brazilia in 2010 with French accordion player Richard Galliano an amazing show. We exchanged signature picks after the show...
  21. Re: Question for notation-reading CGDAE-instrument players

    Sorry about the confusion, my bad! I was thinking that Bob's "I prefer B" (meaning, he prefers Example B) was your answer to my question to you (to Jonathan) "Where would you "draw the line"?" I was,...
  22. Re: Question for notation-reading CGDAE-instrument players

    (And please ignore my post #6 I was incorrectly thinking that Bob's #5 was Jonathan's reply to my #4.)
  23. Re: Question for notation-reading CGDAE-instrument players

    Thanks everybody!

    Maybe I'll figure out some formula, like, if there are x number of consecutive notes below E, I'll use the 8vb line.
  24. Re: Question for notation-reading CGDAE-instrument players

    A B, really?

    Just out of curiosity, you'd prefer the 8vb line even for regular GDAE mandolin? For any note below a C?
  25. Re: Question for notation-reading CGDAE-instrument players

    Thanks Jonathan.

    Where would you "draw the line"? Meaning, eg below a G? Below an E?
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