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  1. Re: Praise for the contoured and rectangular Ameritage cases

    Hi Daryl - I agree with you the cases are great, although heavy. You mentioned these are the first Gavin Baird mandolins you've seen. I guess that's not too surprising - they are rarely mentioned...
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    Re: Any arguments AGAINST MAS?

    If it's an argument made on behalf of playing feel then one solution might be to have a couple different mandolins from a maker whose work you really like.

    For instance I have an F4 and F5 from...
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    Re: Man....I had a blue guitar...

    Gavin Baird made a few blue and even some eggplant-colored mandolins. Great instruments by just about any measure, and beautifully finished. Here's my F4. I'd call the color "blueberry" - in certain...
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    Re: Seagull S8 Owners Thread

    I tried a couple and found them surprisingly loud, certainly louder than I'd expected. I didn't find them particularly enjoyable though - they seemed a bit shrill, with little bass. The sound was a...
  5. Re: New Apitius Club Jazz Mandolin acquisition…

    No kidding - what a beautiful instrument. Just gorgeous.
  6. Re: How much does a Northfield actually cost to make?

    Yes they did. A Yairi can be an exceptional guitar. I found a DY-84 a few years back. I had known they were good but never had one in hand. Picking it up, holding it, playing it made it immediately...
  7. Re: Praise for the contoured and rectangular Ameritage cases

    Thanks you guys. And yes for sure on the storage in the rectangle case - there's a ton of room in there. I'm happy with the cases and I think they're good value at $270 for either style....
  8. Praise for the contoured and rectangular Ameritage cases

    Hey everyone,

    I'm a longtime lurker here on the cafe. I've bought and sold a few things in the classified section but now I've finally gotten up the gumption to post here on the forum. Baby steps!...
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