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  1. Australian Crater Lake Magician - Batch #51

    Steve is now well advanced with his latest batch (#51) of stringed instruments. 2 guitars and 13 mandolins carefully crafted at the fertile shores of a deep and now water filled ancient volcano. Not...
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    Gilchrist "Current builds" page

    Not only is Steve a master luthier, he is also a kind and very interesting person in general. I don't know if his instrument creation skills can be entirely credited to patience, experience and...
  3. A very much "come as you are" interview with Gil.

    Don't have a FaceBook account (I don't), but want to watch and keep this or any other FaceBook video?

    1) Right click on FaceBook video
    2) Click: Show Video URL
    3) Copy: URL in white box
    4) Open...
  4. Re: If you could only own one mandolin, which one would you keep?

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    Re: Florida: Use It Or Lose It?

    ..... I find myself at the other end of the spectrum. Had the florida on one of my mandolins extended under and then beyond the bridge, ending just short of the tailpiece. I now play in dark caves...
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