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  1. Re: Just changed my strings. Need to replace leather string dampe

    I already have the leather that came with the mando, so I'll use that. The grommets are next. :)
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    Re: Eastman mandolins

    I have an older 605 with no pickup, but it's a great little mandolin. I like the look of the back binding, which I don't think the 505s have.
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    Re: Viola to mandolin or mandola

    You'll be able to do a lot with a mandola right out of the box. You can always move to mandolin later -- while many mandolinists these days are disovering Octave Mandolin)
  4. Re: Just changed my strings. Need to replace leather string dampe

    Yeah, this is how it came from The Mandolin Store. Thanks! BETWEEN EACH PAIR.
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    Re: D'Addario picks?

    I have two Red Bears and a BC CT55. Both are great picks, but I find I get better tone out of the Red Bears, even though they do break if you're not careful with them. Will have to try the D'Addarios...
  6. Just changed my strings. Need to replace leather string damper

    So does the leather strip go over course one and under course two, or over and under each individual string, which seems difficult to do? Thanks. I know there may be no official method, but I was...
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    Re: Recommendation for an electric?

    I bought a Kentucky e300 and put a Bill Lawrence pickup into it to replace the old lipstick pickup. It was an simple changeover and sounds great now.
  8. Re: Your thoughts on Ellis A4s and other modern, upper tier ovals

    My vote: Pava/Ellis.
  9. Re: Thinking about making a small pedalboard just for the mandoli

    My son's a guitarist and he made a pedalboard out of old orange crates (for wood), black paint, a power supply and velcro tape. Works fine and looks great. You put the power supply on the back and...
  10. Re: Just upgraded my iphone for the first time in nine years. :)

    I feel your pain, Philiphool. :)
  11. Just upgraded my iphone for the first time in nine years. :)

    (No I can't seem to spell years :)

    1. Is there an app that makes it easier to participate on the Cafe, or do you just bookmark it in Safari?

    2. What is the best tuning app?

    3. What is the...
  12. What should I use for recorded playback?

    I'm playing out locally and playing a wide variety of styles of mandolin from classical to BG, but it's boring without some accompaniment.

    I plan to either record or acquire mix-minus...
  13. New to playing Celtic music but I see its big locally

    Who are the better Celtic mandolin players these days that I should be listening to?
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    Re: Different Plectra

    ProPlec or Ultex triangle.
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    Re: The Obvious 12/26 Question

    I inherited a Strad-o-lin from a friend's uncle earlier in the fall, and it's all fixed up now, so I played it for Christmas.
  16. Re: Satan Is Real: The Ballad of the Louvin Brothers

    Great book. I wasn't familiar with the Louvin brothers beforehand, but I really enjoyed the book and then started listening to some of their stuff.
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    Re: economical option to record myself

    I used to use free Audacity software on my PC. It's not perfect but you can mutitracks in full bandwidth, use effects, and mix it down to a mp3.
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    Re: An interesting accessory...

    My wife hates my mandolin playing. The frequencies get to her. I play guitar and she loves it. I still play, but less when she's around.
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    An interesting accessory...

    Gotta get me one of these. :)

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    Re: First mandolin orchestra performance

    Orchestra performances an be unsettling because acoustics can suddenly be very different and your relative sense of the dynamics can be hard to judge. This is certainly another reason to closely...
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    Re: Home made stand

    It looks pretty cool, but if you have a good mandolin, I would spring for the Ingles. :)
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    Re: Mandolin Inspired Beer

    It's typically the other way around. :)
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    Re: New Mandolin Day - Ellis

    Sweet. I'm sold on an Ellis. Now to convince the wife...
  24. Re: Going out of the country...personal item/carry-on?

    Document that you bought it in the US to avoid any customs claims.
  25. Re: A tuner shootout: TC Electronic Unitune vs. Peterson StroboCl

    I'm quite fond of my Unitune after poor experiences with some other tuners not directly compared here. It has strobe capabilities, but I find these of less practical use when in a crowded and noisy...
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