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    Re: Northfield F5S Review

    Sounds great Kevin, congrats! The dog seems to approve :)
  2. Re: Northfield's Calhoun Mandolin Feature Video

    That video with Nate sounds great! Thanks for the extra info Adrian, you guys are doing great work.
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    Re: Conference Call Jam Session !!

    I've joined in on a couple of Matt Flinner's Zoom jams and they are a fun escape from cabin fever. Everyone is muted but Matt and he sings and alternates playing breaks and rhythm for you. A great...
  4. Re: Happy 75th Birthday Today, David Grisman!

    It's an honor to share my birthday (40 years later) with the Dawg! A huge musical inspiration for me. Happy birthday David!
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    Re: Changing strings--winding and leaving?

    There are a ton of different ways you can do it, try a few of them and decide what you like best.
    I like to wind the strings around the peg 2-3 times, then put the end through the hole and tighten...
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    Re: We need songs for these times

    I've been learning Darol Anger's "Dysentery Stomp" lately. Maybe not exactly the same symptoms, but still feels appropriate. :)
  7. Re: Article: Remembering Jethro Burns on his 100th Birthday, an A

    great reading, thanks to all that put it together!
  8. Re: Anybody planting trees? Share your stories!

    Just don't plant Leyland Cypress....or at least don't buy a house that has some 25 year old Leyland Cypress. I've had about 6 blown over in the last two years, luckily all falling in the yard....
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    Re: Blue Chips

    The only one I think I have ever lost permanently was also the only one I ever had engraved :))
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    Re: Subscription Tutorial Sites

    I am currently using 4 different online mando sites: ArtistWorks with Mike Marshall, Peghead Nation with Joe K Walsh, Soundslice with Don Stiernberg and taking Matt Flinner's current swing course.
  11. Re: Looking for Lessons in North Carolina

    I'm in Statesville and would be willing to do lessons, but I'm not sure you want to drive an hour.
    You might try to reach out to Colin Ray. He has a Facebook page. He plays guitar with Jeff Parker...
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    Re: Northfield Recurve Case

    Lane, I replied to your Youtube comment but I'll add something here also.

    I've had the green recurve case for about 10 months now.
    It was one of the first sold I believe with the new latch...
  13. Re: Y'all missed some great mandolin playing in Asheville

    Would have loved to be there but too many schedule conflicts this weekend to make it work :(
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    Re: Mandolin Orange on today Show

    I really enjoyed seeing Mandolin Orange live this past Friday!
    My only complaint was the audience. Too many people that want to talk through a show that they paid good money for. Really takes away...
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    Re: Shout out for Ronny Harrison straps

    I got one directly from him that is the same as what Northfield sells, very very nice. I love the look and the feel of it.
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    Re: Mandolin Orange on today Show

    Anyone else here heading to Music in the Mill in Hickory on 12/6 to check them out? It'll be my first time seeing them live but I've enjoyed listening for a coupe of years now.
  17. Re: Article: Guess the Mandolin Dawg is Playing, Win $100 Gift Ce

    wow, only Crusher on one tune ok... I might have gotten a few right but not many.
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    Re: Advice for newbie in SC

    I've met a few great pickers and awesome people from Charleston by going to the Alan Bibey camp at Myrtle Beach. You should definitely look into that for next August!
  19. Re: Article: Guess the Mandolin Dawg is Playing, Win $100 Gift Ce

    very cool idea, thanks Dawg and the Cafe!
    Put in my guesses, but I have to say it was very difficult to choose on some of them. Some I felt confident, but they all sound great!
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    Re: Heiden vs Northfield GOM

    I'm really happy with my flat top Northfield octave, but I don't have a lot of experience playing others either. I guess you're comparing the archtop since it was 4k. I played them both and preferred...
  21. Re: Article: Acoustic Disc Set to Release Dawg Trio Plays Tunes &

    Awesome idea! Hopefully it is multiple choice...
    Loving the record so far!
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    Re: Cedar Hill

    I was about to say that I learned it from a Dawg tab that definitely used the 7th fret pinky....but he beat me to it! :cool:
    Thank you David!
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    Re: Mandolins and Beer October Guests

    a great list of guests coming up! I caught up on all the old episodes this week. great stuff dude!
  24. Re: Alan Bibey is 2019 IBMA Mandolin Player of Year

    Amen, FINALLY!!
    This was always one of the biggest things I pointed to when I complained about the list of previous winners. So happy for Alan, very very well deserved and long overdue!
  25. New music from Mike Marshall/Darol Anger

    I guess this is the right place since it has newgrass in the forum label, maybe not. No claims this is bluegrass before somebody has a fit! :))

    Mike Marshall and Darol Anger just put out a new...
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