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    Easy to play, he said!

    A few weeks ago I found a Craigslist ad for a Weber Gallatin, and purchased it. In the text of the ad, the owner commented that "it is easy to play." I didn't give any weight to that feature,...
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    Re: Mandoholic Confession Thread

    This is really therapeutic for me - I fell asleep with mine on the recliner last week and awoke with it in a gentle embrace. I may need an intervention now that I'm starting to think this is normal!
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    Re: I don't get it

    I'm just guessing, but a person willing to shell out that much for a mandolin can probably afford the shipping fee. But then I suspect anyone seriously wanting it is going to at least try to...
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    Re: Lost my A-Style - how to replace it?

    Allen, while in theory you are correct, the sound my Breedlove F-style products is quite different (twangier, if that is a word) that the Gold Tone did. It was an oval hole, which may have...
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    Re: Ever have those nights...

    Chris, I think it is funny that you posted this today - maybe it is something in the weather, but I checked the tuning on my mandolin mid-day and it was pretty close, but then tonight (after very...
  6. Re: Removing a "perfect binding" from a music book

    Does this help?
  7. Re: Can't find the Mandoholics Anonymous thread...

    Whew! I was afraid I made myself too vulnerable in my admission!
  8. Re: Can't find the Mandoholics Anonymous thread...

    Thanks f-d! I am getting that mediocrity thing down pretty good :) I tried playing melody with a guitar player doing chords for a hymn we were going to do at church. Just trying to synch with one...
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