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    Bill’s Dream socially distanced

    Hey all, my friend Colin put together this video of us playing “Bill’s Dream” by Bill Monroe. The guitar player recorded a backing track and we all recorded our parts with just our cell and then...
  2. Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    Simple. The young women are playing their mandolins; the old men are posting on forums.
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    Re: Where to find a Roman/Ranieri Plectrum?

    No need to kill off those poor tortoises. The synthetic materials that Jim and others have experimented with are just fine IMHO— always with some variance for taste, needless to say. All my Ranieri...
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    Re: How much do you practice?

    I started playing mandolin in Jan 2009, but I'd already been playing the tenor banjo since 2007 and guitar since I was a kid. I play/practice for 2 hours a day, usually switching off with tenor banjo...
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    Re: Wurlitzer mandolin

    FWIW, you responded to a 14-year old thread.....:cool:

    Not that the info isn't still valid, but doubtful the OP will ever see your response.....:mandosmiley:
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    May 24 Canadian fiddle concert

    Calvin Vollrath, from Alberta, is a highly-regarded, outstanding Canadian fiddler in the cross-Canada old-time style style. He plays traditional music and composes his own tunes. Calvin's concerts...
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    Bach--Gigue from Suite #3 in C major

    This completes my foray into the 3rd suite. Shure KSM 32 mic, Headway undersaddle pickup, Pro Tools.
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    Re: Recordings of Mandolins as String Quartets

    This arrangement of a Zappa piece was never intended as a string quartet, but it does amuse me:
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    Piccolo Mandolin Building Project

    I became interested in piccolo mandolins several years ago and finally had Mike Black build me an A4 style piccolo about two years ago. I have found it to be a real joy to play, and it often is my...
  10. Something unique: Phoenix Custom 'Blue Mahoe'

    I came across this in an old unused Cafe social group on Phoenix mandolins. I thought it quite unique and thought perhaps others might find it interesting. I wonder what happened to it???? I think...
  11. Re: Looking for Mandolin Recommendations that hold their value

    Mandolins do not 'hold their value', no matter what you buy. The best you can hope for, IMHO, is to buy used at a good price and not lose too much if you sell it. If you can buy at 60% of new, you...
  12. Re: Could this be real? Martin guitars $90. NO financial interest

  13. More on August Watters’ Exploring Classical Mandolin

    I have commented on this book once or twice in other threads, but as I get increasingly familiar with it I feel the need to restate how informative and useful this book is. If you are just starting...
  14. You Won't See Me (Beatles) - mando arrangement

    Have had this little 'arrangement' in my fingers for a while and just had to get it off my chest
  15. Thread: Resonators

    by sunburst

    Re: Resonators

    Maybe check with your friends to see if they think it might be fun for a "low intermediate player" to show up with a reso.
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    “Viire takka”

    “Viire takka” is an Estonian folksong, a cradle song from Muhu island (by some sources). It’s about how from the horizon I see three ships approach, they all have smokestacks. The day coming to an...
  17. Re: Who was the first American mandolin manufacturer?

    Having another look at the detailed pics of the guittar from Davenport, it looks very much like an instrument that came out of one of the guittar makers in Britain or the French makers acrossr the...
  18. Lowell Levinger - Somebody Loves You Darling

    Interesting (at least to me) 5-string.
  19. Some old-time/bluegrass from Spain during the lockdown

    Something completely different from what I usually do, some old time american music, with my wonderful 1904 Martin mandolin and my rusty fiddle. The squirrel hunters in the title were some soldiers...
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    Re: Woodley Mandolins

    Doug was a real shining star in his field. There are posts on this Forum dating back to 2008 asking if he was still building. Easy way to find these--I know it's thought you can't find anything using...
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    RY COODER on the Mainline

    From "Ry Cooder & The Moula Banda Rhythm Aces: Let's Have A Ball", a film by Les Blank taped at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA on March 25'th 1987....
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    Kerman style build

    After listening to Avi Avital and Jacob Reuven recordings last year, and liking their sound more and more, I decided to have a go at making an Arik Kerman style of mandolin based on all the...
  23. Thread: "Playability"

    by sunburst

    Re: "Playability"

    Probably not right out of the box, but nearly any if well set up.
    Playability is almost completely a function of set up, although neck size and shape can also be involved. Most new instruments...
  24. Re: Carlo Aonzo teaches the Allemanda from Bach's solo BWV 1004

    Yesterday I learned that Carlo has also uploaded a YouTube lesson covering his approach to playing the Presto from the G minor Sonata no. 1 (BWV 1001). This is another one of my personal favorite...
  25. Re: Good or Great Mandolins: What Makes the Difference?

    11 years and still interesting. I have four instruments that were made for me by top builders, Ellis, Hester, Mowry and Nyberg. I spent time both playing examples of each builder and getting...
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