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    Re: Aspen #1 Flat top

    Although I can't answer your question about strings, I'd like to add that I played one a couple of times at a mandolin gathering and really enjoyed it. While I'm not looking for another mandolin, if...
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    Re: Mid Missouri/Big Muddy Mini Mo.

    To my knowledge, he hasn't made the Kid-Mos in years. Looks like a MidMo but has a bolt-on neck and everything is smaller but not as small as the old Holdrio piccolo in my profile pic. I happened...
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    Re: Sight reading ideas

    I use my Evelyn's Big Book for Mandolin (she now has 3 out) for sight-reading practice. The tunes range from simple signature/rhythm to more challenging, so you can pick what you want to read. A nice...
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    Re: Mid Missouri/Big Muddy Mini Mo.

    I don't have the Mini Mo but we do have the Kid-Mo. Not at all the same, but in case anyone stops by here thinking you are asking about the small mando, I want to say that it is pretty great. It's my...
  5. Re: Winter's Tale 5 - free sheet music for mandolin trios

    Thanks; just ordered 3 for my trio and they'll be here Friday!
  6. Re: Pain in left wrist after playing mandolin

    My one "mandolin injury" forced me into a slight obsession with ukuleles during my rest period, so be careful and get medical advice soon. Good luck for a speedy recovery.
  7. Re: Winter's Tale 5 - free sheet music for mandolin trios

    Thank you for your generosity! My friends and I have your 2015 and 2017 books, and are ready to purchase the 2018 as soon as they are back in stock. Our little trio plays exclusively from your books...
  8. Re: Czech Hymnbook for fingerpicking CGDA musical instrument

    I just received my book today and am happy to say that the hymns (at least the first 5) are not too difficult for me. I'm slow, of course, but with practice can get smoother. My tenor guitar is...
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    Re: Score for "I Never Will Marry", and likely other sheet music places, has it in her original key, Bb. Usually the music there can be transposed before purchase, but I noticed this one is available in Bb only and does...
  10. Re: Joining the Girouard club - commissioned a build!

    Your headstock is magnificent; what a great job she did!
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    Re: Johnís Waltz

    That's a beautiful, soothing piece of music there, played quite nicely. Thanks for sharing it
  12. Re: Favourite Funeral Songs/Songs of Mourning

    My condolences to you
  13. I was out and about today, stopped by two...

    I was out and about today, stopped by two 7-Elevens and two Circle Ks. Looks like the CD hasn't made it to the OKC metro, which, of course, makes me want it all the more.
  14. Re: Evelyn's Big Book for Mandolins 2015

    A hearty thanks to Martin for occasionally posting 3- or 4-part instrumentations of some of Evelyn's arrangements in the SAW group. That's how I found these books. And a big thanks to Evelyn for...
  15. Re: Photo Tour of Harmony Factory - Chicago 1904

    Thanks for posting. I have four harmony instruments from my childhood (the '60s) and I appreciated the photo tour and info.
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    Re: Tennis Elbow and Mandolin Pickin'?

    I, too, had a trigger that began my tennis elbow, and even after giving that up, playing the mandolin continued to aggravate it for 3 more years. A member here told me about Salonpas (I used small),...
  17. Re: your favorite Christmas CD with mandolin

    I second Baldassari's Evergreen, but the one that actually gets the most play is Brian Oberlin's Christmas Solo Swing. There is something about one man singing with his mandolin, and nothing else,...
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    Re: Children's Songs

    Raffi does have at least one song book that has songs from his first 3 CDs. I got it from Amazon. Also, The Best Children's Songs Ever, which has a LOT of Disney songs in addition to good old...
  19. Re: top of the world by the carpenters

    Have you looked at for what you want? You can find different arrangements for different instruments (sometimes) and even order it in a choice of keys (usually) ranging from about $3 to...
  20. Re: Saturday haiku contest to win a Cafe ball cap

    My dad taught me how
    To play when he was living;
    The songs carry on
  21. Poll: Re: Poll for Song a Week Social Group Week # 300 (really!)

    Ruby, pick any of the 299 tunes you like, take as long as you need to learn it, then post it when you are ready. That will move that tune up to a current spot and folks will see it and listen! A lot...
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    Re: Terribbly EXCITING news!

    I understand your excitement, Ruby. I had always used one of those flimsy wire stands until three years ago when my daughter gave me this stand. It has never tipped over, it can hold an assortment of...
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    Re: Bluegrass Pumpkin

    Thank you -- it was fun, but messy, to create. I never did light it; wish I had.
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    Re: Elderly Instruments Experience

    You know what? I WILL write a letter. I've always walked away and taken my money elsewhere, but I can see that 1 1/2 years later I am still bitter.
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    Re: Elderly Instruments Experience

    Clarified in my edit above
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