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    Re: Sara Jarosz- When Doves Cry

    Jess your chords are great, thanks for posting! Have you, or anyone else here, tried tabbing out her solo on When Doves Cry? I am struggling to get it. Thanks, Paul
  2. recommendations on new tuners for 1920s Vega Fairbanks Banjo

    I would like to put new tuners on my 1920s era Vega Fairbanks tenor I use for Irish trad. Existing ones worn and difficult to keep in tune. Any recommendations on tuners?
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    Gillian Welch & David Rawlings

    Anyone work out mando tab for the guitar intro that David Rawlings does on "That's the way that it goes" from Harrow & the Harvest?
  4. "I doubt if it does to you" by Toni Price?

    My wife is after me to learn the mandolin part of this song she wants to sing at an upcoming open mike. Its by Toni Price and is called I doubt if it does to you:...
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