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    Re: Dennis Vance receives double transplant

    I would send my best wishes to anybody, but it’s especially nice to send happy wishes to someone (even though I haven’t had the pleasure to meet him myself) who sounds like such a wonderful person. ...
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    Re: Dear Old Illinois

    Excellent! I never bought it the first time around, but I will now. Hopefully I can get it signed by Chirps next time I see him at CROMA.
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    Re: Home with the girls in the morning

    Great tune. I learned it from Dave Firestine and some other friends in Tucson. Some of us call it the Gilligan’s Island song. Somewhere in those lyrics has to fit: “A three hour tour, a three hour...
  4. Re: Article: Eastman Tip to Win: Show an Artist Support

    The entry form page says it is not receiving entries.
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    Re: "Playing the circle of fifths"

    That was my initial question when I watched that beautiful and fascinating video. I guess it’s not surprising that you can depict a regular and circular pattern (the sequence of notes in the major...
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    Re: "Playing the circle of fifths"

    Mike Marshall covers this nicely in one of his Homespun DVDs. Salty Dog Blues is another classic example of “playing around the circle,” jumping from G (I) up to E (VI) and then backwards by fourths,...
  7. “Now in ‘Bluegrass Green,’ for even better...

    “Now in ‘Bluegrass Green,’ for even better camouflage when you drop your $40 pick on the lawn!” 🤣
  8. Re: Do you shift positions for hammer-ons/pull-offs?

    Seems like the consensus, not surprisingly, is that there are no hard and fast rules, and that the best guide is to do what works best and sounds best. For me, at this stage of my mandolin...
  9. Re: Do you shift positions for hammer-ons/pull-offs?

    Let's see if this works:184576
  10. Re: Do you shift positions for hammer-ons/pull-offs?

    That is the tune, but Mark's spin on it is very different. I could post an MP3 clip of this part if I figure out how (can I post an MP4--exported from Amazing Slow Downer--with the attach video...
  11. Re: Do you shift positions for hammer-ons/pull-offs?

    Ha! Yep.
  12. Re: Do you shift positions for hammer-ons/pull-offs?

    Hi all, Thanks for your advice. Actually, after I posted this, I did what I should’ve done in the first place: got the answer from the horse’s mouth. The tune is called Pumpkin Vine. It’s a pretty...
  13. Do you shift positions for hammer-ons/pull-offs?

    I’m working on a fiddle tune that has a bunch of hammer-on pull-off combinations. And if I stay in 1st position, it uses all three combinations of fingers for these (index/middle, middle/ring,...
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    Re: Shout out to Collings

    I just purchased a new MT a couple months ago and have loved it from the start. If it gets even better over time (and hopefully, I will as well), WOOHOO!!
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    Re: When You First . . .

    It’s funny—when I first got inspired to pick up mandolin, I had barely heard of any famous mandolinists. Monroe and Grisman were probably the only ones. My inspiration came from a local old-time...
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    Re: Thank you Scott and Dan!

    Hear hear!
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    Re: Why keys of B and B flat?

    Lots of good reasons here for why it’s good to get comfortable with different keys. Now, the question for us beginners is, how to do that? Of course, one way is to just pick a tune and practice it....
  18. Re: Celebrating The Mandolin Pickers Guide to Bluegrass Improvisa

    It’s a great book! I still have a long way to go.
  19. Re: Book/s on how to improvise on Old Time tunes???

    I’m about a 12-year beginner at old-time fiddle, and I still can’t “improvise” very well, but here are some of the things I do to try to play a tune “my way.”
    1. I try to listen to tons of...
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    Re: Tweaks for weak sounding E strings

    Recently, the E string on my Eastman got very dull. I suspected my action had become lower, so I raised the bridge a tad. It made all the difference in the world. Shortly after, I took the instrument...
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    Re: Sold my Collings and got a Pava

    I’m not so sure it was even a matter of choosing between compromises today as much as choosing between “flavors.” Your ice cream analogy is a good one. I’d have been happy to take a scoop of each.
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    Re: Sold my Collings and got a Pava

    So, I guess MAS officially begins with #2?...:whistling:

    I went down to Denver Folklore Center this afternoon and... did not walk out empty-handed:...
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    Re: Sold my Collings and got a Pava

    Thanks for your post. I also have my eyes out for an upgraded mandolin, and am looking at Pavas or Collins. I currently have an Eastman 505, whose neck feels pretty comfortable, but I really haven't...
  24. Re: Old Mandolin - Any Insight Much Appreciated

    Is that a big crack running all the way up the front piece under the E and A courses?
  25. Re: Was the mandolin played in traditional folk before Bill Monro

    Here in the Front Range of Colorado, old-time jams are very open to mandolins. In fact, the legendary Wednesday night old-time jam in Boulder, which just ended last year after more than 40 years,...
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