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  1. Re: Score for Slavator leonardi: Souvenir de Sicile?

    For those like me who's eagle-eyed orbs are not what they used to be:

    I began practicing this piece with the pdf attached to Jim Garber's message above. This was visually difficult but I became...
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    An article on historic stringing

    For the few nerds who may care about historic mandolins, I'm hoping to digest this one more fully in the near future: Mimmo Peruffo's Aquila Corde blog entry on mandolin strings.
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    Galalith poker chip pick

    Just wondering if any one else has done this. I ran across someone selling vintage galalith (caseinite) poker chips on ebay. No embossing or printing, just plain chips in various shapes and colors....
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    Re: Post a pic of your cat sleeping in your case

    Here’s my two cats in my case tonight, Mozzie and Harriet, they’re about 4 months old.
  5. Re: Do any companies make bowlback mandolins and banjolins anymor

    Julien Martineau's position reminds me of some of the ways Eastern European, Balkan, and Central Asian musicians hold bowlback lutes.
  6. Re: Do any companies make bowlback mandolins and banjolins anymor

    Holding the bowlback mandolin is part of the technique of playing it. It's easy once you learn it, but the technique might not be obvious if you haven't had occasion to be around it.

    Here is Ugo...
  7. Re: Do any companies make bowlback mandolins and banjolins anymor

    The Ava Strings bowlback goes for about $3000 at current exchange rate.

    Personally, if I were buying a brand new bowlback right now the Calace Company makes a simple model for a reasonable price....
  8. Re: Do any companies make bowlback mandolins and banjolins anymor

    there's a way to hold a bowlback - no strap needed - that uses 3 points of contact: the left hand on the neck, the right arm on the side of the top, and the back of the bowl against one's leg and...
  9. Re: Do any companies make bowlback mandolins and banjolins anymor

    By "company" do you mean the requirement is whoever is building it must have multiple employees? There are dozens of individual builders of bowlbacks and we have a list that is up-to-date, but...
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    Re: Theory: "cheat sheet" for Western modes

    Modes Made Easy
  11. Re: Do any companies make bowlback mandolins and banjolins anymor

    Generally Classic bowl back mandolin in a mandolin would be sitting in a chair ,
    with the written musical score on the music stand in front of you ..

    then there was Kenny Hall, A...
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    Re: Your Mandolin Your Beer

    Is anyone else a mandolin and wine person?

    Bowlbacks and vino!
  13. Thread: Take Your Pick

    by Eugene

    Re: Take Your Pick

    Very different senses of aesthetic. Flat-wound strings, hard-rubber plectra, warmer timbres, and an aversion to extremely bright timbres and extraneous noise are some features of the German mandolin...
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    Take Your Pick
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    Re: New mandolin advice for Italian Music

    OBB. Old Bowl Back. Go from the "back of your mind" to the "front of your mind". Get one....

    You will never regret the pleasure of playing a wonderful old Italian mandolin.
    It is a...
  16. The Ranieri Method: full introduction and tremolo, by Ralf Leenen

    Ralf is coming up with some great videos these days:
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    Re: Where to find a Roman/Ranieri Plectrum?

    Red Bear makes Neapolitan-type picks on request, started doing so after some consultation with Carlo Aonzo in 2004. They don't advertise the Neapolitans among their standard "models."
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    Music in the times of coronavirus

    We are living some crazy times, but not everything is bad, some very unusual collaborations are made in the distance, and here is a perfect example, a version of the first of Bach's Goldberg...
  19. Live aus Wuppertal - Clara Weise & Sophie Schlaubitz

    Yesterday a live concert from Wuppertal with Clara Weise (mandolin) and Sophie Schlaubitz (guitar) was streamed.

    Clara Weise is studying in Wuppertal with Caterina Lichtenberg.

    The concert is...
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    Re: Practicing Bach during the lockdown

    After selling my MT2V I didn't touch a mandolin for two years......but now I've got this cheap, old Morgan Monroe.....working on this Bach piece, super challenging.
    It's not perfect by any means,...
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    Re: Allargando and rallentando

    Not just slowing. From LiveAbout:

    "The Italian musical term allargando (abbreviated allarg.) means to "widen," and is an indication to gradually broaden the tempo; a slow rallentando that retains...
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    Building a baroque mandolino

    Hello Mandolin Cafe, -trying to reproduce the Gualzatta mandolino, 1725, -in the MFA

    Ive collected all the...
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    Tremolo technique

    Greetings from Australia!
    I thought it a good time to make some instructional videos about tremolo. Here is the first one.
    Stay safe, stay home and play mandolin ...
  24. Re: Just removed my "Florida"...myself..with a coping saw...

    If you hear pick click its because your technique needs tweaking. The pick is being inserted too deep into the strings and hitting the extension - or any other spot you might play. I have a mando...
  25. Re: Just removed my "Florida"...myself..with a coping saw...

    Can you send me the extra high range fretted section you removed so I can add it to one of my mandolins that lacks the upper notes? :))

    Signed, Never Had Pick Click
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