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    Re: Estate Sale Bowlback

    Fancy model, lots of rosewood ribs, vine inlaid fretboard, mother-of-pearl binding and, as you say, lots of "bling." Carving on the neck heel is another high-end detail. I've not seen US-made...
  2. Re: Any musical stamp collectors out there?

    By the way, here's a ten-year-old thread discussing a possible Bill Monroe commemorative US stamp; Google finds more discussion of it around 2014, when supposedly there was a design for it. Guess it...
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    Re: Have I Been Scammed?

    A product offered at one-twentieth of the standard market price on eBay -- well, I'm sure there have been legitimate transactions, for a variety of reasons (ignorance, emergency, whatever) along...
  4. Re: Vintage photo of a Lyon & Healy mando cello

    Gee, apparently the Fairmont Creamery Old-Timers had both a "Shorty" and a "Slim" as members. Old-time radio days...
  5. Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    Well, I paid about $600 for my Triolian mandolin, and it's in better shape that this one -- still has its pickguard, as well. However, I know prices have risen over the past 30 years, so maybe the...
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    Re: Mandolin - Resonator by Republic

    You got one-a those??? Always wanted one...

    With regard to JeffD's post, the other type of resonator that has a less-brash, more musical sound, is a used Dobro mandolin with the spider bridge,...
  7. Re: Kentucky K1000 Master Model need help with serial number

    "Flammy?" Guess they mean "flame-y" or something similar...?
  8. Re: Any musical stamp collectors out there?

    First time I saw Buffy Sainte-Marie was in 1963 or '64, at Club 47 in Cambridge. Mike Seeger was the featured performer (hey, stop me if you've heard this one!), and Joan Baez had a concert in...
  9. Re: Loar-era Gibson F4 -- Structurally Sound?

    Am I wrong in inferring that there's not a standard curvature for Gibson arched tops, but that it varied somewhat from instrument to instrument?
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    Re: Old Gibson Mandolin

    Definitely looks like a refinish or overspray on the front; 'way too shiny for the vintage and the condition of the back.

    Wouldn't modify the Handel tuners; very valuable, and probably a good...
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    Re: Information on resonator mandolin

    An oddity. Jim S is correct in stating it appears to be a National-style biscuit-bridge instrument. The label doesn't make sense, in a way; according to the late Bob Brozman's authoritative book,...
  12. Re: Everything you wanted to know about the Irish bouzouki...

    Still swimming upstream, maintaining that "Irish bouzouki" is an oxymoron. Losing battle, but I still think long-necked OM's aren't really "bouzoukis," but, well, long-necked OM's. Greek et. al....
  13. Re: Spotted in Phoenix- a Parrot and early Orville

    Sadism and bad taste are universal human faults.
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    Re: Mandolin - Resonator by Republic

    Not at all uncommon for National and National-style tailpieces to crack at the bend. Probably fairly easy to replace (said he without ever trying to replace one).

    My 1930's National Style 0...
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    Re: Howe-Orme Mandolinetto

    If you can get it for less than $300 -- assuming you want a mandolinetto -- I think it'd be a good deal, perhaps even a wise investment.
  16. Re: Help identifying a country gospel tune

    I gotta believe "Gary Upright" is a pseudonym for a gospel singer -- the blues equivalent would be "Gary Lowdown," I guess.

    There are several gospel songs with similar titles available from Google...
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    Re: Howe-Orme Mandolinetto

    I have one of those; they're fun. Bought mine on eBay advertised as a "wall hanger," got it fixed up so it plays. Chirps like a canary...
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    Re: Mandolin - Resonator by Republic

    Good luck with this one, J-Bear. Not too fond of the Asian clones of National resonator mandolins. I have one of the cloned originals, a 1930's Triolian, and while it's deafeningly loud, its larger...
  19. Re: Hoping someone has seen one of these before

    Yeah, I speculate that the "flat in the middle, recurve around the edges" that CarlM noticed above, actually is the result of an arched top flattening out in the middle. Non-luthiers building...
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    Re: Vega cylinder back mandola on reverb

    I was gonna offer to stop in at John's (he's mostly "by appointment only" for store visits) and give a hands-on evaluation, but it's apparently sold and gone.
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    Re: Unusual instrument

    Oval and f-holes, scrolled headstock like a violin -- "made in Italy" sounds likely to me. Other ideas?
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    Re: Help Identifying Instrument/Mandolin

    Get a new luthier.

    Looks like you ID-ed it accurately. American Conservatory instruments were usually marked by Lyon & Healy, but they built unmarked instruments for dealers to sell, and this...
  23. Re: Greetings and Questions about "Vernon Powell" Mandolin

    Yeah, but didja get a gig bag? For either?
  24. Re: A Gibson A3 in the white. In the white get it?

    Applaud your intention to have it after-marketed into something resembling an authentic vintage instrument; whether there were or were not many black A-3's, at least it'll be period-defensible with a...
  25. Re: Expanding my searches. Thoughts on USA Ovation mandolins?

    Yeah, that's where Ovation instruments really shine -- plugged in. I remember back in the 1960's-'70's when so many "acoustic" instrument players were getting Ovations, because they could be played...
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