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    Re: I have a superton, what next?

    Nice find! I've had good luck making my own bridges, if you have some scrap hardwood lying about. Here's one I made recently for my Mid-Missouri M2 out of maple. I used a 2" sanding drum in my drill...
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    Re: Getting mildew off a gig bag

    I have had good luck with vinegar and then running a TKL gig bag by itself through the "hand wash" cycle of my washing machine with a gentle cleaner like Woolite. I then ran it in the dryer for a bit...
  3. Re: Classical Guitar to Tenor conversion questions

    That's looking really good!

    Re: relocating the bridge: I've stiffened up a lot of sagging tops from guitars of this period by adding a bridge strap underneath, with grain running across the grain...
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    Re: Completed First Build

    Looks great! I love that burst. Very nice work.

    Whenever I want to use photos I took on my phone in portrait orientation on a forum or WordPress, I always open them in a Preview program first on...
  5. Re: Classical Guitar to Tenor conversion questions

    Hey Spencer! I've been buying up and fixing a lot of '50s and '60s guitars lately, and here's something I noticed about a lot of these import "classical" guitars: they are all ladder-braced, exactly...
  6. Re: Sweet Child of Mine (GNR) - featuring mandolin

    Love it! When I got my solid-body electric mandolin, this was the first song I played on it. (I remember learning it on the violin when I was in high school orchestra to impress my friends. It didn't...
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    Re: Has Anyone Built a Cigar Box Mandolin?

    It did - although I think I overbraced it, and kind of took some of the deepness out of the low end. Lots of midrange. I never adjusted to the scale length, but here's a video of me playing (poorly)...
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    Re: Has Anyone Built a Cigar Box Mandolin?

    I have also built a few, including a wine box 20” scale octave mandolin (which I just sold last week, below.) They definitely need bracing!



  9. Thread: Ibanez 517

    by mreidsma

    Re: Ibanez 517

    This is a 517 - the 518 has painted purfling on the headstock, and is the only reliable way to tell these two models apart. And yes, the backs are pressed into shape. I have a 518 and had the back...
  10. Re: Strange headstock: homemade, or Harmony/Regal/Kay?

    If you look closely at the shot that shows the end of the fretboard, it looks like it was painted or died black. There is a blob of black on the face, and a hint of light wood where the fretboard...
  11. Strange headstock: homemade, or Harmony/Regal/Kay?

    I wasnít a bidder, but I was curious about this mandolin that just sold on the Goodwill site. It looks a lot like a Ď40s or Ď50s Harmony/Kay/Regal, particularly like the Stellaís, but the back of the...
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    Re: A trip to Elderly

    Hey! We were there on the same day. My Dad and I go every year on my birthday. I didn't play the Ellis', but fell in love with a '22 Gibson A4. Great selection.

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    Re: Ibanez No 516 Mandolin

    It *is* a 516. The 516 was available in the 1980 Ibanez mandolin catalog. It's a 511 with a single coil pickup. The 511/516 has a solid spruce top (pressed, not carved) and laminate maple sides. The...
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    Re: Vintage Gibson oval hole

    I'll be honest, frshwtrbob, I kind of lost interest in all the other mandolins after I played that A4! I did play a few A4s, and I did play at least one snakehead, but the tone didn't grab me like...
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    Vintage Gibson oval hole

    Iíve been listening to everyone talk about how amazing vintage Gibson mandolins are for years, and sort of believed you. I kind of thought some of it was hype. But today I played a bunch of pre war...
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    Skagg's former Gilchrist F-5 for sale - NFI

    Just saw this over on Banjo Hangout, but didn't see it posted here:

    NFI, just strange to see such a nice mandolin with that kind of provenance not...
  17. Re: Vorson Electric Ukulele conversion question

    Being a total electric noob, I didnít realize the pickups were adjustable! Raised the treble side of each pickup and now things are a lot better.
  18. Vorson Electric Ukulele conversion question

    I just picked up a Vorson solid body electric ukulele and restrung it as a mandola per another thread here at the cafe. What Iíve noticed, however, is that the pickups donít seem to be getting much...
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    Re: Mandolin Accident Aftermath

    A few years ago I was using our mandoline slicer and giving my daughter a lecture on safety. I then sliced the end of my finger partway off. (It’s all healed and I still have sensation and feeling,...
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    Re: creating a tailpiece.

    A lot of University or College Libraries have Makerspaces, too, with 3D printing and often support people to help you get your files made. At the library where I work, we even have a 3D scanner, so...
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    Re: (in)definitive chord guides

    I have been working through Chad Manning's Mandolin & Fiddle Theory class on Peghead Nation (NFI) and after 30+ years of playing fiddle (including almost 10 years of formal instruction) and a dozen...
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    Re: Green Felt Under Tailpiece Cover?

    Looking forward to seeing a “tailpiece felt color shootout” video soon on YooToob!
  23. Re: Ashley Broder - mandolin Aria DiSalvio - cello "Stardust"

    Thanks for sharing this! Itís nice to hear more of her work. Loved that Bach invention, too. Very well done!
  24. Re: Questions on repair - reattaching partially-detached back

    Well, I glued the mandolin up earlier this week and after 24 hours pulled it out of the jig. I cleaned and lubricated the tuners, which had 40 years of fuzz and dirt accumulated in the gears, and...
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    Re: Terrified of changing strings

    Every time I made an Amazon order for a while I threw in a 6-pack of .11 strings. Ernie Ball, I think. Not the best strings for daily use, but great for when you need to tune and detune. I use them...
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