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  1. Thank you Mandolin Cafe community! 1000th post

    Finally up to 1000 posts!

    I joined the forum 14 years ago, and I had lurked for some years prior to that

    I donít post daily but I sure read and keep up on a daily basis

    This community is...
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    Free Waterloo Mandolin

    Working with my contact at Collings and Waterloo and it looks like this is going to happen at some point in the near future.

    Who'd be interested in a giveaway of one of these very fine mandolins?...
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    Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    Thanks for sending kegcrowe. It arrived today. Holy wow that's a lot of picks! Thanks to all who have contributed and kept this thing going! Can't wait to dive in.
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    Re: The end of my playing days.

    Hi folks - This is more or less due to a prompt by Trevor at TAMCO UK,whom,apparently has been fielding a few enquiries about my current health. As much of a gentleman & & all round nice guy that...
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    First Mando - Eastman 304

    Hey Folks!

    Thanks a great deal for your advice! I went with an Eastman 304 that I purchased (also at the behest of many) from The Mandolin Store. Price was certainly right, and my first impression...
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    Re: New mandolin for an old man

    Thanks to all of you for your very helpful specific suggestions and all the warm encouragement you've offered me in this forum chain. I have felt welcomed by new friends and am glad to be among you....
  7. The long, arduous journey of Silverangel #438 - with a happy end

    I am not a mandolin player.

    I play a bit, but it’s a sideline. I play a cheap pressed-top instrument. It’s fine.

    I’ve been listening more and more to music with mandolin, and got the bug, and...
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    Re: Mandyln on FB marketplace

    Balalaikas generally have even smaller sound holes, I have one that measures 3/4" accross.

    Dave H
  9. Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    Howdy all!

    As usual I'm behind in posting updates to this thread, but I do have some excellent news. Both samplers are in circulation with new recipients, and recent reports of missing picks were...
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    About done upgrading my MD315

    After I decided I wasn't going to sell my MD315, even if and when I get an upgrade mandolin, I relaxed and evaluated what relativity cheap things would I do to the MD315 to maximize its potential.
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    Re: How did you feel about your new build Mando?

    Lots to discuss here. I myself have never had a mandolin built, but these days, with pretty much everyone not in a mandolin town resorting to buying via the net, the basic decision is the same....
  12. Thread: Piccolo mandolins

    by Dawg

    Re: Piccolo mandolins

    25 years ago I custom ordered a diminutive (piccolo) mandolin from my esteemed friend, Mr. Gilchrist. I used this instrument on several recording sessions and it is featured on a duet with my bassist...
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    A short tune in GDGD tuning

    I know I rarely post anything much despite my rather bad GAS habit. Frankly if it wasn't for the band I'd probably lose my mandolins and uke and concentrate only on tenor.

    This is my Mcilroy...
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    Re: Mandolins at rest

    Detuning your E strings from an E to a C drops the string tension roughly in half.
    I would argue, however, that most wear and tear which detrimentally impacts playability would be hastened from...
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    Re: Grieving Sally Goodin

    "There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep...
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    Nepali/folk/jazz fusion concert

    This is a little video of our new band rehearsing. If anyone is close to Concord NH for a free noontime concert this coming Thursday at the Concord Community Music School, I think you will really dig...
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    Re: Random mandolin sightings

    This may not be an entirely random sighting, all things considered. But a few aspects of this experience, notably the performance, were a bit unusual.

    The Martin Barre Band played at our local...
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    Re: Mandozine

    I was fearing the day this was going to happen. I actually downloaded the "all files" tabledit zip a couple weeks ago. It's a shame to lose that amazing searchable database, but here's a link to a...
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    Re: Silverangel praise

    While I don't have extensive experience with a variety of named mandolins out there, I really did due diligence on line after seeing a classified for a Silverangel #358 here. After reading the posts,...
  20. Re: New player and I need lesions suggestions.

    Oh, and +1 on Baron is amazing, and a huge part of my fiddle tune repertoire is from his site. And, finally, Mike Marshall's lessons are pretty amazing. Mike devotes...
  21. some really good mandolin playing in this song

    meet me at the creek, billy strings band
    at 2:40 starts some interesting mando.

    ....just not mandolin, the whole group are amazing artists. I'd say those fellows are worn out at nights end.
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    Re: Silverangel praise

    Well, my original intent, which I guess I failed at, due in part to my heading, was to perhaps draw people out who have and enjoy their out of the mainstream brands. Did you pay attention to the ...
  23. Re: Loop-end strings with 'sheaths' for 1895 Bowl-back Mandolin

    My favorite strings for vintage bowlbacks is still Dogal Calace RW92b Dolce strings. In the US has them.

  24. Re: Loop-end strings with 'sheaths' for 1895 Bowl-back Mandolin

    I thought some of you might like to see said instrument. 176029
  25. Re: Suggestions for mandolins in the $600-$900 range

    I pulled the trigger on the Morris cedar top a-style mando that had been listed here. it's on its way!

    I was really torn, as there was another Flatiron for sale in my general vicinity that looked...
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