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    Us newbies are cracking on ;)

    Sorry if this contravenes the rules........just want to get our work out there .... For a few years as regulars are aware, I`ve made emandos and pickups but of late, have had to retire due to...
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    Help please re. EM200

    A friend is making an EM200 inspired mandolin and I`ll be doing the pickup....Is there anybody who could please let me know the pickup dimensions ..... It`s quite a biggie isn`t it :whistling:
  3. Re: UK Luthier to build 4 String Solid Body Electric Mandolin

    Hopefully you have now had a reply Mandrian.....If not maybe your settings are wonky........and sad to say, this also applies to my `pooter when customers purchase pickups from my website and I`m not...
  4. Re: The Mighty Cozart! New 8 string electric

    Bought one very similar a while back but badged "Clearwater" . Since I had a request for some pickups, I thought it might make a useful addition to my range of upgrades........Not my best decision as...
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    Re: Fixing a microphonic pickup

    Good point Tom....those pickups are cheap Chinese things so maybe the cover is part of the problem..... Since you`ve already had it apart, for the price, you could try one of these .....Nickel covers...
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    Re: Fixing a microphonic pickup

    If it`s one of those covered mini humbuckers with no screw holes, you could dip the thing in shellac (French Polishing stuff), let it soak for a while and then clean the excess off the cover with...
  7. Re: UK Luthier to build 4 String Solid Body Electric Mandolin

    Clive`s first project to see how it goes..... but I`m afraid he has a bit of a Les Paulish fixation ;) ...... build updates on his Facebook page ...
  8. Re: UK Luthier to build 4 String Solid Body Electric Mandolin

    [QUOTE=Daniel Nestlerode;1729172]

    Pete Malinson of Almuse, who may reply on his own behalf, has given his gear to the...
  9. Re: Rio Grande Mock 4 Pickup for Gibson EM200

    I agree about shielding....... If the coil is easily removable from the cover, lining the cover with copper snail tape and soldering a tag to the output ground wire will make a heck of a difference....
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    Re: Use of EQ

    If you have some kind of recording software, then a spectrum analyser can really help to sort things by visually showing weak or dominant frequencies..... which can then be balanced out.
  11. Re: Thoughts on getting a country sound with an electric mandolin

    If the Bartolini is a humbucker, it may be a 4 wire pickup. If so, you could try it as a single coil. It looks like the wiring codes are the same as a Duncan so if you disconnect the red from white...
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    Re: Mandobird bridge saddle set screws

    M3 ......Look on ebay....stainless are best since they won`t go rusty :) ...
  13. Re: Cheap electric mandolin- Eastwood, Kentucky, Gold Tone, or...

    Screws too high? .....rather than grinding down, easier to lok on ebay - those screws are going to be metric M3 so just buy some shorter, get stainless and you won`t have any corrosion...
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    Re: Ashbury AM 240

    I`d guess it would need a bit of work.....
    Since there are no adjustable saddles, finding the right string gauges for proper intonation could be fun.
    Also, with a lipstick pickup so close to the...
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    Re: New to the electric world...

    Interesting.....Looks handsome. Did you buy it new? ......Usually, the pickups are some kind of cheapo - never seen blades fitted as standard :)
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    Re: Eastwood Teleolin

    ARGHHHHH!!!!!! Has to be a joke surely?
  17. Re: Going Electric - what do I need to know?

    Wrong....a common misconception. There are quite a few types of stainless steel, the two main types being Ferritic and Austenitic. Ferritic works, Austenitic doesn`t (which is why string makers use...
  18. Mad.......Just found this clip of one of my electrics in action!
  19. Re: Going Electric - what do I need to know?

    Ahhh....the old weak E problem.........someone mentioned my pickups further up the thread so I`ll leave it there.
    Re. strings, to get a decent break angle and adjustability with those compensated...
  20. Re: tune-o-matic type bridge for solid body eight string mandolin

    Give me a shout on email and I`ll send my drawings (thanks Tom).
    Basically, all you need is a pillar (Drill press), a few drills and some 12X6mm brass bar (and a donor bridge for saddles and studs)...
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    Re: Home made pickup

    These work wonderfully and run off a 9v battery.....just make sure you counterbalance the trigger magnet otherwise you`ll have a lot of wobbliness ;) ...
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    Re: Home made pickup

    Interesting......what gauge wire, number of turns and DC resistance?
  23. Re: New electric build, tone pot volume problem

    Ahhhhh the old A vs. B for volume :) ......... I know mandolins are a little different .....but.....Funny how just about every guitar company uses linear for volume and audio of tone ...... Fenders...
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    Re: Home made pickup

    Ronny, since you`re making a single coil, to get plenty of wire on it, I know it`s flimsy but use 44 or 43 AWG wire otherwise you`ll not get much resistance in the coil.....Have fun!
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    Re: Home made pickup

    Easy .....crank and,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine, one hundred etc. ;)
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