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    Re: Kimble a5 captured in the Wild!

    I saw that one and thought it a good deal especially with the Calton case.
  2. Re: String recommendations for Collings MF

    I can't comment specifically on a Collings MF but you might try a set of Elixir Nanoweb medium's. They are a coated string and I am not sure why, but they just seem to feel easier to play than other...
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    Re: Strap recommendations?

    I will also recommend Bailey straps - I received one with a mandolin I purchased. It is well made and beautiful.

    I do happen to prefer round braided (over a piece of...
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    Re: Kentucky 950B Black face

    I have never seen might contact Saga as they would have the definitive answer.
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    Re: Pre NAMM discussion

    Bite your tongue.....
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    Re: Monel strings

    I tried several strings on my A mandolin. It is a great mandolin but leans toward the modern sound and I like the traditional dry woody sound. With the Curt Mangan Monel strings I get close to that...
  7. Re: What if I bought the wrong instrument?

    Lots of advise but I might add one thing that I did not see mentioned. Strings can make a huge difference in sound. So you might experiment with a few different strings when the time comes and see if...
  8. Re: Eastman vs Eastman vs Breedlove vs “budget” vintage vs ?????

    Might consider this one....
  9. Re: Thoughts on starter fiddles/transitioning to fiddle

    I do not play fiddle/violin. But I have been on a interesting and sometime frustrating journey finding her a couple of good violins. The first 30 or 40 years of the 20th century there were boat loads...
  10. Re: Loar 520E, Kentucky 630, Loar 590E or Eastman 315

    I would second the does she need or really want an F5. You can get a more for your money with an A style mandolin. It is a little tricky since she can not play them. My personal vote would be for an...
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    Re: Confusing Gibson Flatiron

    2nd mandolin labeled on January 01, 1998, not even a Friday
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    Re: What's the deal with Vintage F4s?

    Pretty simple and there are two main reasons. There is 300 +/- Gibson F5's with a magic signature, snakeheads, F2', F4's or any other mandolins built during that time do not have Lloyd Loar's...
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    Re: Lighter strings for beginners?

    You might try a set of Elixir nanoweb strings. They do make a sets of medium and lights. Although they are the same guage they don't seem to require as much pressure and just seem easier to play....
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    Re: Tkl rectangular cases

    I doubt that someone would still have a case they were trying to sell after 13years....this thread was from 2006.
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    Re: $200 to dress mandolin frets? Ouch!

    Yes, I did understand it was $300 total, but was thinking $200 total would be at the top end of fair in my book.
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    Re: $200 to dress mandolin frets? Ouch!

    I don't think $200 for a fret dressing and a new nut would not be out of line for a shop. A shop does have more expenses than a one man repair shop doing it in his home shop. But I could not justify...
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    Re: Kentucky KM-1050 vs Northfield F5S

    I can really only speak to 1/2 of your question. I have had several Kentucky mandolins including a 1050 and 2 950's for about 2 years. It was a terrific mandolin and it was a very good mandolin and...
  18. Re: Shoping mandolin - Nov 1 - West to East Coast - safest method

    I have shipped or received several mandolins, so have learned a few things. Most damage that I have read about seems to be the headstock or dropped on the end so the end pin splits the block inside...
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    Re: NMD Sawchyn Hobo Flat top

    Great looking mandolin and I really like the name.
  20. Re: Recent visit to Carters, and also to Tyler White’s shop

    Play that heck out of that mando it is stunning. There are some great instruments being built right now.
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    Re: Emory Lester - Missoula, MT

    I just saw that, may have to make a trip? Depending on the weather?
  22. Re: Does this seem reasonable for a first mandolin?

    I have never played a Loar mandolin but if I were going that route I would spend a few extra $$ and call the Mandolin Store - They will be honest and treat your fairly. You will also get a mandolin...
  23. John Reischman and the Jaybirds - Spokane, WA

    John Reischman and the Jaybirds will be in Spokane, WA Sunday Oct. 20th if anyone is interested.
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    Re: Brentrup Mandolins

    Not sure if this is one of the ones your are taking about? I have never heard one live but seemed like he was well respected. Thought this one would not last long.
    There are lots of really good...
  25. Re: Where can I find a tutorial for new camptown races?

    Great site, thanks for the link.
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