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    Re: Learning to read Rhythm

    Very sound advice!!!
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    Re: David Surette's health

    I'm sorry to hear about this. 😔
  3. Thread: Monel strings

    by Mainer73

    Re: Monel strings

    My F5 currently wears the D'addario monels. I like them. They definitely seem to be lasting longer, although I play way more fiddle so I generally make all mandolin strings last a while!
  4. Re: Stephen Perry updates, shop running again, located N. Va.

    Good that you're back and things are going better. If it wasn't for my aversion to being outside of New England, I'd be happy to help run a shop!
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    Re: Mando & Fiddle: The value of double stops

    I don't use TONS of double stops in my fiddling, other than very occasional heavy 'Grassing, but when I first took up the mandolin after playing fiddle for 7 years, I found that I naturally took to...
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    Re: Some Real Music - Sierra Ferrell

    I saw here here this summer at our festival. They were great!
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    Re: Who makes a good Fiddle/Mandolin case?

    It's already been said, but for that price point I'd go with the Bobelock. They're not fiberglass but the wood is actually better protection and a more stable micro-climate for the instruments. My...
  8. Re: New John Reischman Album - New Time & Old Acoustic

    It is indeed, and I'm bummed I didn't copywrite it 3 years ago when I came up with it for a description of what I was putting together at the time for a project. Said project never got fully up due...
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    Re: Grisman's mando at Rockygrass ID?

    I could be wrong, but I believe Chad Manning picks a Giacomel when he's not fiddling. Maybe it was a twofer deal.
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    Re: Encouragement is magic

    It's an amazing phenomenon. I wish I could experience it more often!
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    Re: Learning mandolin and music theory?

    These two statements are truths!
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    Encouragement is magic

    I spent some time yesterday covering the first aid station at our local festival's pre-festival string camp. Sadly, I had to back out of attending the camp, but am volunteering on the medical side. I...
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    Re: Andy Statman Bought A Loar F5!

    For what it's worth, the Kimble F5 that Andy has been playing previously looks pretty well cared for. I think it's fair to consider that the A was also played during periods of road time and Andy's...
  14. Re: Southern Maine & New Hampshire Sunday Bi-Monthly Acoustic Jam

    Indeed I am! Right around the corner. I'm looking forward to it after the break. Hard to find Irish players there probably but it should bring my Bluegrass game up a bit!
  15. Re: Southern Maine & New Hampshire Sunday Bi-Monthly Acoustic Jam

    I wish I was just a little bit closer! I'm in Hiram, which makes for about 3 hrs of drive time. Can't find many folks locally to play with either.
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    Re: Key/Mode for Irish Sessions

    Cmaj and Gmix are more esoteric in Irish trad, and you probably won't run across them much in sessions unless they're only fiddle and concertina/box players, but they're definitely worth being...
  17. Re: Billy Strings - "Midnight on the Stormy Deep" with Del McCour

    I didn't even realize that Billy played the mandolin! I have to confess that I haven't really gotten into his stuff all that much, but this is one of my favorite songs and he really has a nice touch...
  18. Re: What price level and up gets you a "lifelong keeper" mandolin

    It all depends on what you want out of it, and sometimes it's serendipitous. For myself, my $1000 Kentucky KM-756 is all I will ever need. It was an over-budget impulse buy, but it's well-made and...
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    Re: XT we barely new ya!

    Apologies if everyone is already aware of them, but thanks to the Cafe forum, I recently discovered Mapes stings. Custom guages, wrapping metals, and are apparently coated. They have a PB version....
  20. Ossipee Valley festival and string camp (Maine)

    This much loved event is back on in my little town here in Maine this July. I believe there are still spots open in the full 4 day string camp! Hope to see full...
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    Re: Want to take up the cello

    More power to you. I do love the cello, but even after 21 years of fiddling, I'm not afraid to admit that I find the cello intimidating! Especially for the ergonomic and playing up the neck aspects...
  22. Re: Any atheist / agnostic Bluegrasser's out there?

    Vitriol? Hardly.
    What they're trying to explain to you is that we're here to talk about mandolins and music. That's it. The topic has no place here. It has nothing to do with anyones' opinion...
  23. Re: Songs/tunes that drive our partners (and families) crazy!

    It's the Irish trad version of Cripple Creek!
  24. Re: Songs/tunes that drive our partners (and families) crazy!

    I'm teaching my girlfriend to play, and we started with Cripple Creek in G. I'm pretty sure she'll be sick of it once things start to click for her! As will I I'm sure...
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    Re: Mandolin world vs fiddle world

    Having played Irish fiddle for over 20 years, I would hardly call them closely related. In fact it always grinds my gears a bit when people make too much of any relationship between the two.
    I do...
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