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    Re: Help with upgrade, please

    You might consider the Northfield Calhoun model too! I haven't personally played one but I hear great things.
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    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    1 - Joshnson F style beginner junk, sold
    2 - Morgan Monroe MMS-6 (I think), better, sold
    3 - Flatbush V4, Huge step up, sounds and plays great, made in Denmark. Still have this one
    4 - Skip Kelley...
  3. Re: MAS: Remember, it's stronger than you and there ain't no vacc

    Congrats on returning to work, your new mando and your 25 years sober! All great things! I'm sure that Northfield will be killer. I have been drooling over a 4th Gen for months and have so far been...
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    Re: "Fretboard Success" with Magnus

    I'm not in this one but I've sat in on a bunch of Magnus' live stuff. He's a great guy and great teacher. Very passionate about helping others improve!
  5. Re: The Don Stiernberg Quartet - New Release

    Excellent stuff Donnie!
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    Re: D'Addario Monel sets

    I just recently put on a set of Curt Mangan monels and I really like them so far. I would say as good as D'addario.
    What I really like is the "custom medium" gauges which I had grown to prefer when...
  7. Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    For a little extra data, I looked at the last 50+ video exchanges on Mike Marshall's ArtistWorks site. The female student percentage was roughly 40%. Closer to 50% recently. Ages ranged from kids to...
  8. Re: Speed the band w fiddle & Northfield Octave Mand

    I like it a lot! Before I bought it I played the archtop also and they were both really cool, but very different. Lots of pinky exercise on it!
  9. Re: Speed the band w fiddle & Northfield Octave Mand

    Great job by the whole group, thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Luthier in Cleveland, OH?

    We'll certainly miss you in North Carolina Skip!
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    Re: Northfield is simply nailing it lately

    I will say that prior to last summer I was a bit more skeptical (and uneducated) on Northfield.
    After going to Swannanoa Gathering and spending several hours talking to Adrian, I was sold on it....
  12. Re: Mike Marshall's Virtual Mandolin Orchestra

    It was great fun to participate in, as is Mike's class anyway! Martin did a fantastic job putting it all together.
    If I ever need to write a music-related resume, I'll of course be including that I...
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    Re: Swannanoa Gathering 2020 cancelled

    Definitely bummed that it's cancelled, but I wouldn't be too excited about sharing a dorm and cafeteria with a bunch of people right now either, so probably the right call. :crying:
  14. Re: Don Stiernberg Quartet Online Concert Thursday 5/7 at 8 PM CS

    I couldn't connect via the laptop but got in easily on my phone and iPad, not sure why.
    Anyway, I thought it was great fun, tunes and talking. Thanks Don!
  15. Re: Don Stiernberg Quartet Online Concert Thursday 5/7 at 8 PM CS

    great stuff Don, looking forward to it!
  16. Re: Jazz Mandolin Appetizers -- original tune names

    I bought this before I knew a thing about playing jazz/swing. It was helpful but a little over my head at the time. Now that I know one or two things about playing it I need to go back to it.
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    Re: I Hate Playing Chords

    Sherry, you might try out an online teacher that can see what you're struggling with and help out.
    I'd highly recommend ArtistWorks with Mike Marshall but there are lots of others out there. Lots of...
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    Re: $25,000 Gibson on FaceBook Marketplace

    It's still there, so he might have blocked you :))
    I don't know what you guys' problem is, it says "This is correct" right in the description.......
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    Re: I Hate Playing Chords

    I think one thing to consider would be what type of music and what other instruments you will be playing with. Based on that, you might need to focus on more open sounding ringing chords, or ones...
  20. Re: Call the Captain Solo - Steep Canyon Rangers

    Sorry, don't have a tab but this video might help a little bit at least to grab a few positions he's using. It's very E major scale based.
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    Re: Northfield F5S Review

    Sounds great Kevin, congrats! The dog seems to approve :)
  22. Re: Northfield's Calhoun Mandolin Feature Video

    That video with Nate sounds great! Thanks for the extra info Adrian, you guys are doing great work.
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    Re: Conference Call Jam Session !!

    I've joined in on a couple of Matt Flinner's Zoom jams and they are a fun escape from cabin fever. Everyone is muted but Matt and he sings and alternates playing breaks and rhythm for you. A great...
  24. Re: Happy 75th Birthday Today, David Grisman!

    It's an honor to share my birthday (40 years later) with the Dawg! A huge musical inspiration for me. Happy birthday David!
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    Re: Changing strings--winding and leaving?

    There are a ton of different ways you can do it, try a few of them and decide what you like best.
    I like to wind the strings around the peg 2-3 times, then put the end through the hole and tighten...
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