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  1. Re: should I humidify old strad-o-lin mandolin?

    Thanks William that's good to know. Wasn't sure if humidity might cause new problems after going for so long without.
  2. should I humidify old strad-o-lin mandolin?

    It likely has never been humidified but does not seem to have suffered for it, unless the slight protrusion of the back past edge of side in a few spots and a thin crack on the top are the result of...
  3. Re: String Tension: What It Means and How It Became Important

    I use D'Addario EXP-75 or EXP-74 strings on my mandolin, but switch the pair of A-strings (.016 or .015 respectively) from one set to the other and find it easier to play this way. (eg., .041 ,.026,...
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