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    Re: Mandolin As A New Direction

    Age 78, playing mandolin about 50 years. I could say, "Well, played a long time, but never achieved the skill level that I could have. Didn't practice enough, didn't organize my practices for...
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    Re: Have you ever seen anything like this?

    By the way, I meant to say that Nicholas Turturro "invented" the Peanut Ukulele, not "invited" it.

    Probably wouldn't "invite" one myself; got enough ukes for now...
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    Re: Where did you find your last mando?

    Local dealers, Bernunzio's and Stutzman's, have provided the overwhelming majority of my mandolins. I did have one built for me by local luthier Bernie Lehmann. Others have been fortunate...
  4. Re: Where do the names F-style and A-style actually come from?

    Gibson has made -- and I guess, still makes on a custom basis -- a Les Paul Florentine, with a "chambered" semi-hollow body, and a sharply-pointed "Florentine" cutaway. They also made at least one...
  5. Re: Let's talk about the Stromberg archtop guitar on SGW...

    And who are these rich guys cruising Shop Goodwill? Recent thread about the camouflaged Les Paul mentioned the winning bid was over $4K.

    Is there an assumption that because it's on a "charity"...
  6. Re: multi-instrumentalists: how do you manage your time?

    Perhaps you've watered a horse; have you then milked a cat?
  7. Re: Where do the names F-style and A-style actually come from?

    Oh, for God's sake -- this again?

    The letter prefixes were manufacturing/marketing designations, not "standing for" anything, as far as anyone knows. When the shapes of Gibson "A" and "F" model...
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    Re: Have you ever seen anything like this?

    It's been done, sorta. Turturro "Turnover," mandolin on one side, ukulele on the other. The overwhelming, successful appeal of this concept can be judged by the scarcity of mando/ukes you see being...
  9. Re: multi-instrumentalists: how do you manage your time?

    Well, despite the decrepitude of advanced age, I'm still gigging, and the requirements of each performance largely determine on what instrument I place my emphasis. Most of my solo gigs involve...
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    Re: Why play Mandolin?

    1. Bill Monroe reportedly took up mandolin because [A] there was a mandolin in his parents' house, and [2] his older siblings had grabbed all the other instruments. (Has anyone ever speculated what...
  11. Re: Allen tailpiece - does the felt mute the sound or not?

    If you're worried, try it without the felt and see if you get stray notes caused by the strings between bridge and tailpiece vibrating. These can vibrate when the fretted notes are of certain...
  12. Re: Old 'Musikvaruhus Waidele Göteborg' Swedish bowlback with peg

    Could it be frustration with tuning a mandolin with friction pegs, that led Charles L to take up aviation?

    Jus' askin'...
  13. Re: On Shopgoodwill: tape over the logo and serial number. Why?

    Shame on Goodwill for allowing this on their site. Concealing the ID of a Les Paul "type" -- weaselly listing there, for sure -- when there's no legit reason for the concealment, is pretty low.
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    Re: Any Ideas of Make or value?

    Wowser! That's some headstock scroll!

    Value -- that's a puzzle. Ornate -- what's the actual construction like? Assume it's playable; how's it sound?

    Mandolin-banjos don't command high...
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    Re: Total Newbee looking for info

    I used the ol' ST-2's when I used 'em. They've got a microphone/vibration option which means you can tune wind instruments. And Autoharps. The SN5X has a better display, though.

    Be careful of...
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    Re: Mandolins as a work of art

    I consider musical instruments as tools for producing pleasing harmonious sounds. Some are more attractive than others; some may be of such exceptional design, construction, or ornate decoration,...
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    Re: Eighth of January

    Yeah, the Homer & Jethro parody got some airplay around here soon after Johnny Horton's Battle of New Orleans was a Top 40 hit (#1 Billboard in 1959, I think). I also remember radio play of their...
  18. Re: How many different F5’s does Dave Apollon play in these Vitap

    Bernunzio here in Rochester sold a Gibson mandola supposedly owned and played by Apollon.
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    Re: Total Newbee looking for info

    My suggestions?

    1. Electronic tuner. The Snark is pretty much ubiquitous now, decent for the money. I like the li'l tiny D'Addarios that I can leave on the back of the headstock and no one knows...
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    Re: Eighth of January

    1. So who's heard the Canadian/British "answer song" to Jimmy Driftwood/Johnny Horton's Battle of New Orleans? Battle of Queenston Heights "enjoyed" some airplay here in the 1950's; it really,...
  21. Re: Do you take your best or most valuable mandolin to gigs?

    Only mandolin I've ever had damaged during a gig was when a drunken "fan" attacked our band in a coffeehouse (!) in Brockport NY, probably 1973. I was knocked down by a punch in the face, and the...
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    Re: To be or not to be (a bluegrass player)

    Since we're apparently posting about nearly anything, let me address the question of "bringing mandolin to a jam, only to find there's another mandolin player."

    First: so what? There are probably...
  23. Thread: Vintage?

    by allenhopkins

    Re: Vintage?

    My son David was Class of 1999 at college. He became program director of the college radio station, WHRB in Cambridge MA. One of his jobs was to train other students who wanted to join the station....
  24. Re: Looking for a Mandola and I need some advice.

    I owned an Eastman "600" series mandola for a while, but traded it because I wasn't playing it all that much.

    If you've got a moment, let me tell you why I wasn't. The MDA 615 was a F-model,...
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    Re: Total Newbee looking for info

    Oh, and let us all wish your wife the best, Mike. This damned COVID pandemic has us all looking over our shoulders, and worrying about what used to be the most ordinary daily activities.

    I was...
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