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    Re: String change frequency

    About 3 months on a mandolin if I'm playing a lot, up to 6 if I'm playing less. I always notice quite a difference in sound when I replace them, so if I was playing for money that mattered, I'd...
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    Re: Old vs New Oval

    I'd agree, I think the tone, attack and sustain of an MTO is somewhere between a Gibson oval hole and a Collings MT. That may or may not be the tone you are looking for.
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    Re: Old vs New Oval

    I have an MTO (love it), it is a more "modern" sound than the vintage gibsons I've played. The Collings has a brightness and a sort of gloss to it, the older gibsons are woodier or tubbier in tone...
  4. Re: Has my Blueridge BR40T turned into a piece of worthless junk?

    Put it up for sale here, disclose the bridge issue and see what you can get for it. I would think somebody around here would take the risk to get a tenor at a low price, in the range you hoped to...
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    Re: What is Jeff Austin using here?

    Quite a bit going on there, he uses a looper at points to record and repeat some sections. There is also some delay there. Compressors often improve how distortion pedals work, so he could well...
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    Re: Why use capo?

    In some bands, the key really needs to be the singer's call. If the singer wants A-flat, it's A-flat. A capo really makes life easier in this situation, I backed a singer who would change keys...
  7. Re: Question youíve all answered a million times

    In many cases, you can set up a cheap mandolin to play pretty well (ie the Rogues and the like) and learn on it just fine. Search this site to find out how to request Rob Meldrum's set-up guide and...
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    Re: Washburn Americana M3SWE

    Poke around this site and do a bit of reading, there are a lot of good choices for $850 or less, the topic gets discussed here pretty regularly. Pickup installation in a mandolin is a pretty...
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    Re: New mandolin player

    Get a set of nut files and slowly work on the nut. They are typically meant to be adjusted, so I won't worry about it being hollow. Once you get the hang of adjusting nut heights, you can improve...
  10. Re: Flatiron Serial Number and Value? (Made in U.S.?)

    Sorta sad to see this name attached to lesser quality instruments, regardless of where they are made. Flatirons were made with pride and care.
  11. Re: Recommendations for a quality but affordable mandolin

    If you are keeping it to a grand or less, I'd add a vote for a flatiron A. A lot of value there.
  12. Re: Are there any good vintage noname mandolins ?

    Set up and string weight matters strongly influence how a mandolin plays, it is well worth having your mandolin setup or getting Rob Meldrum's pdf book and doing it yourself. If you like the...
  13. Re: Recommendations for a quality but affordable mandolin

    If you are used to guitars like Collings and Bourgeois, you could just start with a used Collings MT A body, F hole mandolin, probably close to $2k used, but worth every penny. If you don't...
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    Re: 3/4 of an octave mandolin

    Well, mandolas are typically tuned CGDA, so you are a step above that. So a mandola capoed at the second fret would be in that tuning. You could probably find a set of strings that would let you...
  15. Re: Mandolin Recommendations - Beginner to Intermediate

    The mandolins you mentioned, the KM 205 and the Eastman 305 are both a big step up from the Savannah, the KM 150 is also well thought of as a basic mandolin. You wind up paying a lot more for the...
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    Re: Strings for magnetic pickups

    Yeah, the magnetic material needs a ferrous string, ie steel. But brass and bronze strings have steel cores, so they may work to some extent. A bronze wrap over a steel core does mean less steel...
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    Re: Flatiron 1sh Mandola

    These are nice instruments, a lot of fun. My son got a 3n series Mandola (the posh version) in Koa, I think, a really clean one, in solid shape at a music store about 3 years back. If he hadn't...
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    Re: Why do you like the picks you like?

    I like big triangular picks for tone, I just like that sound. I like BlueChip because I find them easier to hang onto, they don't seem to slide around on me. That means my grip is looser,...
  19. Re: was looking at a mandolin for a friend, and this happens.....

    Nice finishing/color choices on that mandolin, just lovely. Enjoy it!
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    Re: What do you use to lube your tuners?

    triflow lubricant, used sparingly
  21. Re: String buzz on electric guitar, small neck tilt? How to adjus

    Yeah, the setup on mine was really a mess.

    You may be ahead on this to just take it to a luthier, somebody who knows telecasters. The telecaster guys know a lot of tricks to get one working right.
  22. Re: String buzz on electric guitar, small neck tilt? How to adjus

    Before you adjust the truss rod, follow pops1 suggestion.

    The truss rod is meant to adjust the bow or curvature of the neck, not the tilt. You want just a slight upward curvature of the neck.
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    Re: One Mandolin - forever...

    I guess I tend to have instrument makers I really like a lot (Flatiron, Collings, Lowden, G&L), rather than specific instruments. I just look for bargains in those brands, buy used and have...
  24. Re: Looking for Mandolin Recommendations that hold their value

    The other option is to get a basic, but solid wood Eastman or Kentucky, maybe even a flatiron pancake, ideally used, as a starting point. Many of the plain looking basic level instruments have good...
  25. Re: Looking for Mandolin Recommendations that hold their value

    I tend to take the action that will leave me with the least regrets.

    If the sound you hear in your head is the Collings sound, get one, because everything else may leave you wondering. Watch...
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