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    Re: Scale length for Octave Mandolin

    A 20" scale OM can be incredible and doesn't have to represent a tonal sacrifice. Many great builders are making equally great examples. Girouard was mentioned above and there are others too. Here's...
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    Re: Scale length for Octave Mandolin

    Generally speaking more tension from a longer scale length yields a larger, more "profound" tone. But the longer scale length gets tougher to play. For instance my fingers are average in length so a...
  3. Re: Octave Mandolin question: Teardrop versus mando-guitar?

    As mentioned above, it might be worth exploring F-body octaves and the arched top and back "cello-influenced" ones as well. Including these additional shapes could significantly expand the...
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    Re: Chinese made mandolins (Northfield?)

    The Northfields I've seen, heard and played have been excellent. I instinctively like the idea of supporting the small-shop domestic luthiers but it's hard to take anything away from Northfield....
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    Re: Refinishing a Flatiron F5?

    With respect for Bill's suggestion (which I'd instinctively tend to agree with) but also with respect for the OP's desire to consider a refinish, maybe ask Bruce Weber about it? If you call up...
  6. Re: Article: Debut Release from Long Story Short

    This trio surely has a winning and rewarding run ahead. Wow, what a race indeed!
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    Re: Old vs New Oval

    Maybe it's worthwhile looking at some of the main structural choices in the instruments we're discussing. I know I've noticed real differences between oval-hole mandolins with raised vs attached...
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    Re: Strap Recommendation for A-style

    Cinghialetto is really nice. Very high quality, comfortable, customizable, with both round and flat braids available. Run by Massimo Gatti who's a tremendous player, a contributor here and bright...
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    Re: Old vs New Oval

    Of the ones that have been mentioned so far I'd recommend the Collings MT-O or Girouard. Vintage Gibsons can be nice but at least in my experience the better modern ovals are a big step forward in...
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    Re: Have you EXP74 users switched to XTís?

    I always preferred Elixirs over EXPs, and still prefer them over XTs. That being said, the Curt Mangan Monels have a ton going for them, not least of which is they sound great and last a long time. I...
  11. Re: Playing a collings - what would an "upgrade" really get me?

    Collings mandolins are very well built from beautiful woods and have great playability. They also have typically very clear tone with good volume and projection. With just a few occasional exceptions...
  12. Re: Gibson opposes Collings' headstock trademark registration, ci

    I hope somebody at Gibson understands how embarrassing this is becoming. The Collings headstock is intentionally asymmetric in part to establish their own brand identity and distinguish their product...
  13. Re: A question for luthiers - from a non-luthier

    Well, I'm not a luthier but I notice a beautiful dilemma behind the question - you have exquisite mandolins to compare!

    Rolfe designed Phoenix mandolins to be easy to play. I had one and it was...
  14. Re: What upgrade for Hora/Thomman Octave Mandolin / Bouzouki

    The Horas are certainly inexpensive, one of the cheapest ways to try out a bouzouki/octave mandolin. They're not great though, and if you order one online then depending on the specific one that...
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    Re: string life with limited playing

    I have some instruments I don't pick up that often and it's a hassle to go to play one of them and find oxidized strings. Here's what I've noticed:

    J74s don't last long in use - I may have...
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    Re: Pachelbel's Canon and Gigue in D

    Delightful - particularly the Gigue which I must admit I was unfamiliar with.

    Thank you!
  17. Re: Should I learn to make bridges while I'm at it?

    Many experienced voices have contributed to this thread already. Since I'm a novice for sure, for new instruments I'd advocate buying bridges over making them. Cumberland bridges are obviously...
  18. Re: Flatiron Serial Number and Value? (Made in U.S.?)

    Yep, sadly the only thing about that mandolin that's really a "Flatiron" is the label on the headstock. It's too bad because you'd expect more from the name, but that particular story is one of the...
  19. Re: Recommendations for a quality but affordable mandolin

    Pheffernan's suggestions are most excellent. Flat-top mandolins can be really good and have a feeling about them that's really different from a carved-top instrument.

    Dave Sheets' recommendation...
  20. Re: Muleskinner Instruments - Guitar Bodied Octave Mandolins #1 a

    Wow, just astonishing - those are exquisite with a great sense of tonal authority. I am particularly taken by the sophistication of the blond one. Lovely.

    Their carved tops and backs make them...
  21. Re: What is Today the best Tenor guitar between 500$ => under 100

    The Circle Strings tenor guitars are also quite excellent. A quick search on Youtube will get you a few sound samples. Like most high-quality instruments they may be outside the price range though.
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    Re: Blue chip picks

    +1 for the BC CT-55. It's my favorite pick and except for the sting of the purchase price I can't find anything wrong to say about it.

    Even so, the Dunlop PrimeTone triangles are quite similar to...
  23. Re: Introduction and my new to me Gibson Fern

    Your wife is clearly amazing and you are evidently well loved and well understood.

    The Fern is beautiful - and could easily be your last mandolin.

    May you, she and it all play in good health!...
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    Re: Favorite A style mandolin?

    Well, there's a nice-looking '23 Gibson A snakehead that just showed up in the classifieds today. I'm glad to stick with my Collings MT recommendation (or MT-O if you're also interested in an oval...
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    Re: D'Addario Monel sets

    +1 on the Curt Mangan vs. D'Addario monels. I tried both on a Gibson Jam Master A and preferred the Mangans. Tone seemed a bit more complex and they felt nicer to my fingers.

    There's also a...
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