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    Re: Pava Player versus a Northfield M

    I've owned and early Northfield varnish A and played 15 or so other Northfields. I've played about 15 Pava's and just traded for a Player. My experience is that they are both great instruments but...
  2. Re: What was your best experience with a luthier? Your worst?

    My best recent experience was having Sim Daley refret my Gilchrist and replace the bridge. He did a great job, was fairly reasonably priced, and best of all didn't take forever to do it! He makes...
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    Re: What acoustic amp solution for me?

    I use a Shertler and a Fishman Loudbox 130. I usually put up an old AKG C100s too. I used to use a Roland AC60 but I like the sound of the Fishman better.
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    Re: Music Notation Software

    I've used Sibelius and Finale for years. I much prefer Sibelius. It is expensive but you have tons of control over the look and layout.. I'm downloading Sibelius First to give it a try. It's a lot...
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